02 June 2015

KingCast Sees Former Revere Mayor Thomas Ambrosino Take a Powder from his Cush Job as SJC Administrator.

Remember when Revere's Tommy Ambrosino ascended to the lofty post of Supreme Judicial Court Chief Administrator?  

In his new $129,000 position, Ambrosino, 50, will oversee the day-to-day administration of the SJC, the state’s highest court, answering to the seven justices and in particular to Chief Justice Roderick L. Ireland.
Well at the time not many people knew how he and other Revere MA elite had screwed crossing guard Clifford Pisano out of his job after he acted in concert with others to create a union.  But I knew, and I reported it.  Watch the movie and read the link about other Revere employee and civil lawsuits and the "black nigger" issue they have out there. Well flash forward now as Mr. Pisano has retained Counsel and the case is proceeding in Federal District Court. Meanwhile it looks as if Ambrosino is headed for a demotion of sorts, right on back to the cesspool whence he came, as a lowly City Manager in Chelsea. Check out some of the documents here.

Stay tuned for further details.

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