10 June 2015

KingCast Reports: Seattle City Council to Address Motorcycle Parking and Aurora Avenue Crime Against Bike Shop Owners.

We all know that Seattle is working on its burgeoning crime problem as to told City Council last year. And some of us know that Seattle Used Bikes and Triumph of Seattle are crime survivors, as both of them were hit by smash-and-grab thugs last month, losing thousands in inventory and leaving Seattle Used Bikes with a huge repair bill that is not covered by insurance.

To that end, this month's Bike night at SUB is also a fundraiser to help defray the cost of douchebaggery. So stop on by, enjoy the culinary perfection from the smoker of lead tech Bardsley, and donate liberally. As Ms. Wenborg and I pointed out earlier this month at City Council, both of these businesses provide need financial and tax infrastructure to the city -- without asking for abatements mind you -- and both of them are giving back to the community and putting food on the table for dozens of people. What more can you ask for?

Better parking for motorcycles, is what you can ask for!  King5's Jesse Knutson and City Councilor Bruce Harrell (by and through Jennifer Samuels) are following up on the crime issue but also the larger issue of motorcycle parking in Seattle: SUB is being hassled by meter maids for parking bikes on a strip while Ducati of Seattle gets away Scot-free, as it should, unless they are truly hindering access. Meanwhile back in Boston five (5) years ago we got put an end to "no angle parking," and created dozens of low-fee new parking spaces for motorcyclists. Read up. It only makes sense to encourage more efficient modes of transportation and we should not pay the same rates as cars because we take up perhaps 1/5th of the area when parked correctly.  Councilor Harrell -- also a progressive attorney -- Chairs both the Civil Rights and Safety Committees so you know he and I are bound to get along just fine here!

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