17 June 2015

KingCast Observes Karmic Enterprise as Michele McPhee is Arrested for Assault and OUI/DUI.

You remember my Go To Hell Letter to Michelle McPhee relating to her racist rants against former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and Joanna Marinova's case against the Boston Herald?  Well we all know the Boston Herald got that ass spanked good to the tune of nearly $1M settlement after they DEFAMED Ms. Marinova, and now it looks like Ms. McPhee took a good ol' fashioned tune up the other day when she allegedly resisted a Statey during an OMV DWI/OUI/DUI traffic stop.

Boston Globe reports
“McPhee listed several members of police agencies and Massachusetts State Police Colonel Timothy Alben as friends whom I should contact,” the police report stated.

McPhee later said she had advocated for police for several years and “I should know of her,” the trooper wrote.

McPhee, who lives in East Boston, refused field sobriety tests, and when the trooper told her he was placing her under arrest, she grew “belligerent, resistant, and enraged,” according to the report.She elbowed the trooper in the chest, and then kicked him in the legs, saying, “I’m calling the colonel . . . let me go . . . get a supervisor,” according to the report.

As an “evolving and escalating” struggle continued, the trooper radioed for help, bringing two other officers to the scene, the report said.McPhee continued to resist, and at one point she and two of the officers stumbled and fell to the ground, police wrote. 

The trooper’s knee was cut, and McPhee suffered a “serious cut on her forehead,” leaving blood all over her face and shirt, the report said.“McPhee was emotional and shouting but I couldn’t understand” exactly what she was saying, the trooper wrote.

McPhee claims that she will be exonerated. The Herald made similar claims as well, ahem.

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