30 June 2015

KingCast Motorsports and Politics: Moving for Reduced Rate Parking for Motorcycles and Scooters!

Tanya Wenborg​ and I seem to be making headway with reduced rate motorcycle and scooter parking, and potentially more dedicated spots. It's a process, but we believe it is going to happen. We had our first scheduled meeting today, with Jennifer Samuels from Councilor Bruce Harrell​'s office, now on to Transportation Committee Chair/Councilor Tom Rasmussen and Vice Chair Mike O'Brien, with whom I definitely have a good rapport: I have run video with him regarding Seattle crime and he attended my forum on foreclosure and underwater homes. He's also an avid bicyclist and I love anything on two wheels that's for certain.
We are of course aided in our endeavor by way of other cities with like initiatives, notably Boston 2009 where I participated, and in PDX and San Francisco. Anyone knowing of other initiatives anywhere in the U.S. please let us know ASAP so we can gather the information from their websites.

It's really pretty simple: Government should encourage use of more efficient vehicles that leave smaller physical and carbon footprints. Ms. Wenborg and I speak on behalf of hundreds of area motorcyclists who value responsible efforts from City Hall on these matters. As a mountain biker I also appreciate the Councilor's efforts on the Cheasty Mountainbike/Pedestrian Trial Project and look forward to riding that soon!

29 June 2015

KingCast Motorsports at VME Vashon Tiddler Run 2015.

No video yet from Tiddler but on a related note.....

We start with the NX 250 Brothas!
Full stills later today, video later this week, I hope. Life gets busy.

These all have to be upsized later tonight, 
but of course you can click if you like for now, ciao.

Tiddler Run: It's the bees' knees!