24 April 2015

KingCast Alternately Cries and Laughs Out Loud as Revere Public Schools Union Treasurer Karyn Maglione is Reportedly Investigated for Theft in Office.

You remember Clifford Pisano's ongoing saga about how Revere screwed him out of his job as a crossing guard after he worked in concerted activity to form a Union?  Read the Revere "Black Niggers" journal entry with Terri Pecher James and Sonia Fernandez vs. Tommy Ambrosino 03-CV-12499 for a quick refresher.  When Mr. Pisano and I went down to Court so I could run video of him filing his claims a few years ago some stooge tried to stop me from running video so I had to put him in his place, LOL Sideshow Bob. See video, below.

Here's the funny part. If Ms. Maglione is yet indeed another dirty Revere official doing yet another dirty deed, when she enters the Court system Tommy Ambrosino will be checking things out as Executive Director of the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). Query, did he have a hand in her appointment?  How he got that position at SJC I would hate to hazard a guess because it sure as hell wasn't based on integrity, as noted in the top video when Mr. Pisano first filed suit against him. Mr. Pisano now has a lawyer and they are in Federal Court, case no. forthcoming.

Ms. Maglione is by Statute and Contract a bonded employee. Someone should find out who the bonding company is. I don't have time right now but I'm sure someone will step to it. The Cause of Justice requires as much.  

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