07 February 2015

KingCast Says on WA SB 5623 and HB 1515: "Sign the Petition for Safer and More Efficient Motorcycle Riding and Less Congestion."

Kudos to Senator Timothy Sheldon on this one. I'm interviewing him Monday at his office in Olympia, stay tuned. Meanwhile here is the Petition, and some resource links. Thanks to Triumph of Seattle (Grand Opening Ceremonies) for being the first dealer to host on their own Facebook page

Pacific Northwest Riders Forum.
Gizmag Lane Filtering
California OTS Study
3 Feb 2015 Senate Hearing video
Sacramento Bee Feature
Sacramento Bee Editorial
Commuting by Motorcycle Wins for everyone.

The Sacremento Bee feature:
“What we learned is, if you lane-split in a safe or prudent manner, it is no more dangerous than motorcycling in any other circumstance,” Office of Traffic Safety spokesman Chris Cochran said. “If you are speeding or have a wide speed differential (with other traffic), that is where the fatalities came about.”

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/local/transportation/article3204990.html#storylink=cpy
My comment to KIRO's article was:
"I freely admit to doing it all the time now because I would rather be safe and take a ticket for illegal lane use than to EVER be rear-ended by a car. I'm 50 in April, and I have ridden motorcycles for more than 80% of my life. I never shared lanes until a few years ago but have discovered that as long as you don't pass as an idiot, it actually *IS* safe and I have been honked at perhaps 5 times in 2 years here in Seattle. Read the studies in my Petition..."
The scooter and motorcycling community prevailed in Boston with motorcycle parking and elimination of "no-angle parking" restrictions in 2009 and we can win here in Washington as well. This is good for everyone. 

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Christopher King said...

OK folks,

I had to change my schedule today so my interview with Senator Sheldon is next Wednesday, which is ok -- leaves us time to get many more signatures and still leaves time (I think 9-10 days) for him to present to his peers, etc. before the deadline to get out of committee and I'll do that video the same day so there will be 9-10 days for that to circulate and to have the Petition signers send that to their legislators as well.

Yes I will include footage of me lane-sharing within the meaning of the proposed Statute.

Also, I will be working with some folks on crunching the metadata from the Petition to see where the signatures are coming from.

Any questions, comments, observations, etc. give me a holler.

521 in what, 3 days not bad but we can and will get a lot more before I head down to Olympia next week.