25 February 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Frail Elderly Pro Se Slam NWTS on CPA and Little RICO 9A.82 Motion to Dismiss in WA Snohomish Superior Court

Court colloquy above, Interviews below.

Note: All four of the Ha Dao Deposition videos are online for free (free as in "Free Country," right) at Affordable Video Depo. OK first she won her Motion to Remand after a rather specious, calculated and dilatory Motion Practice tactic by apparently only one Defendant. Then last week we saw how in a companion part of this case, Select Portfolio got away with attorney testimony regarding an alleged Deed of Trust that cancer survivor Marilynn Shcolnik claims she never signed. She is moving for an Appeal because the Court gave short shrift to her Motion to Strike the Attorney Declaration of J. Will Eidson even though the signatories all reside right here in Seattle. She claims her passport/Canadian & U.S. Border Patrol documents show that she was not in town on 25 July 2006.

Not only that, but the alleged Loan Modification she signed references yet a different date for the security instrument: 31 July, 2006. This shit is crazy, right.

None of the three putative signatories to to the Deed of Trust -- Rose Kane, Keith Thomson, Esq. and Carey Steingrabber -- have stepped forward to acknowledge that she signed the documents in their presence, which is the basis of the interview I conducted with NWTS Counsel as seen on TV errrr... as seen on YouTube because major press almost never conducts the sort of interviews that I do, ahem. For what it's worth, Ms. Shcolnik did make the point that Rose Kane seems to be wearing an awful lot of hats these days.........

Anyway here's the fun part: The Court DENIED Northwest Trustee Services (NWTS) Rule 12 Motion to Dismiss, based on the presentation you see in the top video. I don't have time to transcribe it but you get it. I'm sure you get it. And so do they.

Interestingly, my presence was challenged in Court today as you will see in both videos. I never lose those challenges, as the scurrying Apple attorneys back in Boston will tell you in "Censorship Fail: Apple Lawyers Slammed on Genius Bar Courtroom Video." And as I told Judge Weiss today, I know that some of these bankster attorneys gravely object to my presence, and some of attorney are pretty friggin' rude so I had to put them in their place, also as seen on YouTube, "Judges Will Watch as Foreclosure Mill Attorneys Threaten Depo Videographer with Security and Arrest."   

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