18 January 2015

KingCast Watches Seattle End the Kearse With a Gritty 28-22 Division Win Over Green Bay.

This is an actual discussion with an old friend and former landlord B.E. in Chesapeake, VA, in which I had conceded the Green Bay win!

Anyway, he has roots in Wisconsin. I have done some videos there exposing Court corruption and of course rode through there on my cross country ride to Seattle. Being from Cleveland it is so relieving to live in a town that can actually get it done, as opposed to having been at the infamous "The Drive" game back in the 80's....

Wednesday 7:31am
Well Bill here in Seattle I'm sad to say y'all have had a Good Run this year.....
LOL anyway we'll see what happens. Meanwhile I assume you know these guys.... https://www.youtube.com/user/cjponyparts
Wednesday 10:15am

Yeah the pack is probably done... it was fun while it lasted. Yeah i have bought a few things from them. Got a long way to go on out project. Its just a too dang cold for now.... bring on the heat!!!
Yah I know I was in Cleveland for Christmas it was 55 degrees so Pops and I strolled the golf course... meanwhile from my cross country trip you know I had to do this:

4 hours ago
I dunno man.... Pack is Back....

Looks good so far but too many fg's. Need td's
True but I've never seen the Hawks step off so fucked up.....

Yeah. I didnt expect that.
Nobody did. If they don't come out blazing in the 3rd the game is yours
Yaaaaahhhhh THAT's what I'm talking about

That sucked. I still feel good though. Took a trick play to finally score....

Oh I know right. Whether that is the bounce that ignites them will be the question.
BTW after the game check out some of my Madison follies with a crooked judge a couple years back. You won't get all of it (there's a LOT to get) but you'll catch the vibe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3zDfwQVvBQ
They basically covered it all up v
Still no ignition here mate.
Congratulations and Good Luck in the Big One.

Thanks... looking good now....
Clay Matthews Sr.... Cleveland, Ohio buddy!

Oh my
Ohhhh my.....
Fucking monster!!!!

Choke artists.
I'm from Cleveland, cry me a river..


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