15 January 2015

KingCast Sees Columbus Ohio & Franklin County Prosecutor & Police Protect Alleged Serial Rapist Edward Battle III When Victims are Black.

Top video = Current Political Malfeasance.

Second video = History of Political Malfeasance documented by Ms. Kennedy Kent, Mr. Whitaker, Michael Isreal, Jerry Doyle (RIP), Loretta Heard (RIP), Bill Moss (RIP), Bob Fitrakis, Esq., Minister Donell Muhammad, Christopher King, Esq. and Auditor Dave Yost, 1997-Present.

Third video = Interviews with WTVN's Dirk Thompson, 2011.
Black Child Victims of Rape Matter

I left Columbus, Ohio after years of Civil Rights practice because I realized I was up against an immovable mountain of racism, bigotry and general malfeasance. Those who chose to stay and fight have had a hard road with some serious casualties of War (i.e. my former client and friend Jerry L. Doyle RIP) and a few successes including last year's report from Auditor Dave Yost, linked above, noting "[A] culture of deceit."  Yet but still only one indictment on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Scams, natch. Prosecutor Ron O'Brien's office is not helping much to combat said culture, I can assure you of that. As Jerry said --- it is, was, and always will be "The Columbus Plantation."

I am certain they are still trying to cover that one up, you had better believe it. And to think that I thought I could help make things better as an Assistant Attorney General, or private practice Civil Rights lawyer, right. 

So today I commend those who stayed to fight, even as I cringe at the current allegations of rape by Edward Battle against three young children. Here is the Columbus Free Times feature.

Muhammad revealed that he had met with O’Brien as had the three rape victims. He wondered why O’Brien had not convened a grand jury after three separate police reports found the child victims credible. In a December 31, 2014 letter to O’Brien, Muhammad wrote: “Children have stated they have been raped. There are suspected and potential victims. We will not allow our children to grow up to feel unsafe in this world.” Muhammad named the alleged child rapist in his letter, “We are again requesting Edward Battle III be arrested and charged and a grand jury convened without further delay.” 
Muhammad pointed out that “…Edward Battle III being named as a suspect in three police reports, based on law enforcement and other authorities stating that the victims were very credible, consistent and compelling….” Early on, the Center for Child and Family Advocacy compiled evidence of child rape. Franklin County Children’s Services caseworker Laura Burgess recorded a written assessment of the case on August 2, 2013 for the Columbus police. Burgess wrote that a child victim “…was able to give disclosure of sexual abuse that was reasonably consistent with what was reported in the allegation narrative. Further, this disclosure was spontaneous and she was not observed or assessed to be coached in any manner. The disclosure was consistent and clear.” 
KingCast applauds Minister Muhammad for his efforts in this regard but publicly wonders why Ron O'Brien would even discuss the details of this case in such a manner. 
Bonus round: The gang rape of a disabled girl at Mifflin High School where the Principal hid it from the police... that settled for $350,000.00 and untold attorney costs that were shouldered by the area residents and taxpayers. Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy was at the helm of the Columbus School Board during much of this time, take a look, and here's more. In the second video Loretta Heard gave her a good tongue-lashing for her general malfeasance and pointed disregard for citizens who exercised their First Amendment Rights of Assembly, Speech and Protest.

I used to encounter a lot of things like this but the Powers-That-Be always found a way to cover it up until the day I left Columbus, in 2000. I am regrettably glad to see that some of the issues and causes that my clients and I championed way back in the Day are coming to light today, fifteen years later.  

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