22 January 2015

KingCast Presents: David Bowie, Luther Vandross and Others on 1974 Dick Cavett Show, "Young Americans."

Look at Luther at 23.... he looks so happy like a Big Little Kid....... Yup..... I had forgotten the Luther Vandross/David Bowie association and co-writings on some of my favorite Bowie material. Thank goodness this video was taken and preserved. When I was a kid in '76 too young to stay out late at the roller rink with my big sis, Bowie was a huge crossover play you could hear on the loudspeakers, very popular with the brown brothers and sisters.... funny to watch him on Soul Train with Don Cornelius (RIP).

So anyway I would say that overall Young Americans is my favorite Bowie song and one of my all time favorite songs, seriously top ten and we have Luther Vandross to thank for that.

Related: NPR's "Who Can I be Now" -- David Bowie in 1974.

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