13 January 2015

Busted: KingCast Catches German Shorthaired Pointer Joy Riding Motorcycles!

See yah I had been suspicious about how often I was filling up, particularly because petrol prices are on the wane. Then today after I fell asleep and awoke to find Livi totally MIA I heard the KLR shutting down, ran outside and saw Livi looking back at it. The whistling exhaust was still smoking..... BUSTED.

Apparently this has been going on for quite some time as Elisa reports similar issues with her car. People please be careful out there. Dirt riding is one thing but these dogs don't have proper street licenses and they don't typically have DOT or Snell-approved helmets, knee or hand protection and I'm concerned that they can't handle an emergency situation out there, especially since neither of my bikes have ABS.

-Just a Word to the Wise from Your Humble Narrator.

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