29 January 2015

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Marilynn Shcolnik Fight for Federal Remand Against Select Portfolio Servicing in Wrongful Foreclosure/Quiet Title/Little RICO Action.

Above: Update from the new journal entry.
NOTE: Phase two of this saga continues with today's hearing in Snohomish County Superior Court.

NOTE: Ms Shcolnik went to Federal Court today (2 Feb 2015) with a bit of an oddball pleading. She filed for a TRO because she was worried about missing her hearing for injunctive relief because of the last minute Removal of her Complaint to Federal Court. But she also notes that it is doubtful that the Court even has Jurisdiction.

Judge James Robart Presiding, at least for now. Nope. He saw right through this happy-assed bullshit. Here are 3 of the money pages from today's Remand, along with my comment, which is:

SPS slammed as I predicted. 
Query, was it all a stunt to get rid of judge Bowden?
They knew goddamn well it was a weak Removal case.
With the Remand Bowden is probably no longer the presiding Judge.
They agreed to a TRO but with a bond payment -- monthly note payment.
I call bullshit on that because there are Little RICO violations here.

The question is, in my estimation, how much bullshit should a relatively frail, elderly woman have to deal with in a questionable foreclosure Action? 

The answer, is, in my estimation, as much bullshit as the banksters and their attorneys can throw at them, that's how much. I first met Ms. Shcolnik about a year ago at the Matt Taibbi speaking engagement at the Town Hall Forum when he agreed with me in asserting how crucial it is for lawyers to ban together to most effectively prosecute homeowners' cases.

Well Ms. Shcolnik could use some legal help after this week's runaround by SLS's Glowney. They removed the case to Federal Court but she and her son (who is studying for the LSAT) maintain that the case was wrongfully removed on the verge of today's scheduled hearing in Sonomish Superior Court because she never specifically stated a Federal Claim for FDCPA. She says that she *DID* notice the Court that their was an FDCPA Violation, but her Complaint clearly shows that she did not label FDCPA as a "Cause of Action" whereas she did clearly cite all of the State Claims as "Causes of Action," either by Statute or at Common Law for Quiet Title. She told me that she directly modeled her Complaint after one that was Remanded on Plaintiff's Motion. I have yet to see it, but have no reason to doubt that.

So now she has to file her Motion to Remand in Federal Court, which from what I've seen, will be GRANTED. Why? Because she never filed an FDCPA Cause of Action, and even if she did, all of the State Law claims are clearly the prevalent salient issues.  Not only that, but the Federal Court is supposed to return all of the State claims instead of exercising pendant Jurisdiction as they did back in the dark ages when I practiced, LOL.

For what it's worth, she has included a "Little RICO" claim because, among other things, there are signatures on documents that bear her signature involving people she never even met. More on this later. She also showed me U.S. Customs records that she claims prove that she was driving in Canada on the day, date and time she allegedly signed a Note. More on this later. She also says that Countrywide and their pals conspired to force her into foreclosure by telling her to stop making payments, then engaged in unlawful dual tracking by refusing her payments when she started paying in the trial period.

I've seen crap like this on many occasions and I don't doubt her for one minute. I will be forwarding this journal entry to SLS Attorney John Glowney for comment.

Below is Attorney Glowney prevailing in an Action in King County Superior Court in which I believe the Judge ignored all matter of evidentiary precepts.  One thing for sure: By attempting to remove this case, they have made it substantially more difficult for Ms. Shcnolik to have her Motion for Injunctive Relief heard. And not only that, the Defendants know that even once the case is Remanded, they won't be in front of Judge George Bowden, who has completely slammed Bank of America et al. in Bradburn v. ReconTrust, at bottom video. They may be hoping to get the Judge of their choice.

"The Removal was completely frivolous," says her son Nathan. Video of today's non-hearing and hallway commentary by Friday.   

KingCast, SUB and Fusebox Present Ed Milich and Jack Lewis: Bottom Dead Center and Head Check..

More pics and video to come!



23 January 2015

KingCast Says "You Didn't Stop Skating Because You Got Old.... You Got Old Because You Stopped Skating!"

Well well well... Aunt Dell Stewart Bailey made my Day with this 1976 pic of me before I got my first real skateboard. Wow. I think it wasn't long after that, that Uncle Joe (RIP) and Aunt Dell brought my cousin Randall over...... I recall him being like a toddler who was taller than I was LOL.... thanks Auntie I love you. I'm on the inlines these days but another skate deck is in my future. You don't stop skating because you got old. You got old because you stopped skating, don't get it twisted.


22 January 2015

KingCast Presents: David Bowie, Luther Vandross and Others on 1974 Dick Cavett Show, "Young Americans."

Look at Luther at 23.... he looks so happy like a Big Little Kid....... Yup..... I had forgotten the Luther Vandross/David Bowie association and co-writings on some of my favorite Bowie material. Thank goodness this video was taken and preserved. When I was a kid in '76 too young to stay out late at the roller rink with my big sis, Bowie was a huge crossover play you could hear on the loudspeakers, very popular with the brown brothers and sisters.... funny to watch him on Soul Train with Don Cornelius (RIP).

So anyway I would say that overall Young Americans is my favorite Bowie song and one of my all time favorite songs, seriously top ten and we have Luther Vandross to thank for that.

Related: NPR's "Who Can I be Now" -- David Bowie in 1974.

18 January 2015

KingCast Watches Seattle End the Kearse With a Gritty 28-22 Division Win Over Green Bay.

This is an actual discussion with an old friend and former landlord B.E. in Chesapeake, VA, in which I had conceded the Green Bay win!

Anyway, he has roots in Wisconsin. I have done some videos there exposing Court corruption and of course rode through there on my cross country ride to Seattle. Being from Cleveland it is so relieving to live in a town that can actually get it done, as opposed to having been at the infamous "The Drive" game back in the 80's....

Wednesday 7:31am
Well Bill here in Seattle I'm sad to say y'all have had a Good Run this year.....
LOL anyway we'll see what happens. Meanwhile I assume you know these guys.... https://www.youtube.com/user/cjponyparts
Wednesday 10:15am

Yeah the pack is probably done... it was fun while it lasted. Yeah i have bought a few things from them. Got a long way to go on out project. Its just a too dang cold for now.... bring on the heat!!!
Yah I know I was in Cleveland for Christmas it was 55 degrees so Pops and I strolled the golf course... meanwhile from my cross country trip you know I had to do this:

4 hours ago
I dunno man.... Pack is Back....

Looks good so far but too many fg's. Need td's
True but I've never seen the Hawks step off so fucked up.....

Yeah. I didnt expect that.
Nobody did. If they don't come out blazing in the 3rd the game is yours
Yaaaaahhhhh THAT's what I'm talking about

That sucked. I still feel good though. Took a trick play to finally score....

Oh I know right. Whether that is the bounce that ignites them will be the question.
BTW after the game check out some of my Madison follies with a crooked judge a couple years back. You won't get all of it (there's a LOT to get) but you'll catch the vibe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3zDfwQVvBQ
They basically covered it all up v
Still no ignition here mate.
Congratulations and Good Luck in the Big One.

Thanks... looking good now....

17 January 2015

KingCast Revisits Christopher Siege James Vintage Motorcycle Racing Show.... Year 2015 at Renton's Lawless Harley-Davidson.

Christopher Siege James, Artist, Motorcycling Devotee and Historian, International Man of Intrigue. Stay tuned for more pics and the 2015 video of the Annual Vintage Motorcycle Racing Show at Renton's Lawless Harley-Davidson. Hats off to Siege, his models and our ever-ready host!

Much More Below the Fold!

KingCast Buys a Citroën DS!

My First... a smaller model DS never officially imported to the States.... and guaranteed to be more reliable than the larger models!  Seriously, my father almost bought one of these many many years ago but went Volvo instead as noted in the Volvo chronicles. It would have been fun being stranded on the side of the road with one of these though. Alors, voila, il ya un BBC commentary. What I didn't know, interestingly enough, is that they indeed still make a DS line. Here's Jay Leno bidding adieu to his 1971!

15 January 2015

KingCast Sees Columbus Ohio & Franklin County Prosecutor & Police Protect Alleged Serial Rapist Edward Battle III When Victims are Black.

Top video = Current Political Malfeasance.

Second video = History of Political Malfeasance documented by Ms. Kennedy Kent, Mr. Whitaker, Michael Isreal, Jerry Doyle (RIP), Loretta Heard (RIP), Bill Moss (RIP), Bob Fitrakis, Esq., Minister Donell Muhammad, Christopher King, Esq. and Auditor Dave Yost, 1997-Present.

Third video = Interviews with WTVN's Dirk Thompson, 2011.
Black Child Victims of Rape Matter

I left Columbus, Ohio after years of Civil Rights practice because I realized I was up against an immovable mountain of racism, bigotry and general malfeasance. Those who chose to stay and fight have had a hard road with some serious casualties of War (i.e. my former client and friend Jerry L. Doyle RIP) and a few successes including last year's report from Auditor Dave Yost, linked above, noting "[A] culture of deceit."  Yet but still only one indictment on the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Scams, natch. Prosecutor Ron O'Brien's office is not helping much to combat said culture, I can assure you of that. As Jerry said --- it is, was, and always will be "The Columbus Plantation."

I am certain they are still trying to cover that one up, you had better believe it. And to think that I thought I could help make things better as an Assistant Attorney General, or private practice Civil Rights lawyer, right. 

So today I commend those who stayed to fight, even as I cringe at the current allegations of rape by Edward Battle against three young children. Here is the Columbus Free Times feature.

Muhammad revealed that he had met with O’Brien as had the three rape victims. He wondered why O’Brien had not convened a grand jury after three separate police reports found the child victims credible. In a December 31, 2014 letter to O’Brien, Muhammad wrote: “Children have stated they have been raped. There are suspected and potential victims. We will not allow our children to grow up to feel unsafe in this world.” Muhammad named the alleged child rapist in his letter, “We are again requesting Edward Battle III be arrested and charged and a grand jury convened without further delay.” 
Muhammad pointed out that “…Edward Battle III being named as a suspect in three police reports, based on law enforcement and other authorities stating that the victims were very credible, consistent and compelling….” Early on, the Center for Child and Family Advocacy compiled evidence of child rape. Franklin County Children’s Services caseworker Laura Burgess recorded a written assessment of the case on August 2, 2013 for the Columbus police. Burgess wrote that a child victim “…was able to give disclosure of sexual abuse that was reasonably consistent with what was reported in the allegation narrative. Further, this disclosure was spontaneous and she was not observed or assessed to be coached in any manner. The disclosure was consistent and clear.” 
KingCast applauds Minister Muhammad for his efforts in this regard but publicly wonders why Ron O'Brien would even discuss the details of this case in such a manner. 
Bonus round: The gang rape of a disabled girl at Mifflin High School where the Principal hid it from the police... that settled for $350,000.00 and untold attorney costs that were shouldered by the area residents and taxpayers. Commissioner Mary Jo Kilroy was at the helm of the Columbus School Board during much of this time, take a look, and here's more. In the second video Loretta Heard gave her a good tongue-lashing for her general malfeasance and pointed disregard for citizens who exercised their First Amendment Rights of Assembly, Speech and Protest.

I used to encounter a lot of things like this but the Powers-That-Be always found a way to cover it up until the day I left Columbus, in 2000. I am regrettably glad to see that some of the issues and causes that my clients and I championed way back in the Day are coming to light today, fifteen years later.  

13 January 2015

Busted: KingCast Catches German Shorthaired Pointer Joy Riding Motorcycles!

See yah I had been suspicious about how often I was filling up, particularly because petrol prices are on the wane. Then today after I fell asleep and awoke to find Livi totally MIA I heard the KLR shutting down, ran outside and saw Livi looking back at it. The whistling exhaust was still smoking..... BUSTED.

Apparently this has been going on for quite some time as Elisa reports similar issues with her car. People please be careful out there. Dirt riding is one thing but these dogs don't have proper street licenses and they don't typically have DOT or Snell-approved helmets, knee or hand protection and I'm concerned that they can't handle an emergency situation out there, especially since neither of my bikes have ABS.

-Just a Word to the Wise from Your Humble Narrator.

09 January 2015

KingCast & Mortgage Movies:QLSC v. Karen Pooley QLSC loses Motion to Dismiss Fraudulent Concealment Argument before Judge Kenneth Schubert.

As you can see in the top movie, Quality Loan Servicing Corp. (hereinafter, "QLSC") 
lives by the principle of See no evil, hear no evil....... 

Note: Kathy Salyer had Eleanor Dubay running a sweep to keep KingCast cameras at bay.  You may recall about a year ago to the Day when Karen Pooley had Quality Loan Servicing and their lawyers at McCarthy Holthus for a snack before Judge Kenneth Schubert as the Court issued adverse rulings on allegedly confidential discovery issues.  Well today the smorgasbord continued, with Ms. Pooley taking some hits on the RCW 9a "Little RICO" and brick and mortar causes of action relative to QLSC.  Unfortunately they lost a Motion to Dismiss relative to Ms. Pooley's Fraudulent Concealment Claims in that the Court found that she is allowed to seek discovery and litigate the issue of whether or not the purported Beneficiary (holder/owner of Note) used fake documents when the either knew or should have know that the documents were bogus.          
And then I was writing just now to a very high-powered attorney in another jurisdiction about the ongoing La Mar Gunn stolen Recorder of Deeds election in Kent County, Delaware and I was explaining what I do. I told said Counselor: 

Here are pictures and upcoming videQuality Loan Servicing losing a MTD on Fraudulent Concealment today; their lawyer can't stand me either. She's got her little knave running sweep to try to deny me the hallway shot, but I came through as usual. That camera comes out and their guilty conscience gets the better of them almost every time. Heck man, that's why they all hate me. But that's not my fault. If they were upstanding citizens like Judge Schubert they wouldn't give a shit.  

He and I always have a good little rap session where we remind each other that we appreciate the other one. If we had more cameras like mine and more judges like him we wouldn't be in this fucked up situation and our time and resources as lawyers, industry analysis and just plain American people would be spent on more productive pursuits.

Video forthcoming. For now here's last year's. 

And oh as a bonus Remember what an ass Joe McIntosh was when M & H threatened to have me arrested for no lawful reason? I forgot about that, but yah that's why they fucking hate me, well fuck you too. Unreal the goddamn hubris these people have. I am so done with taking it, and I say it right out in the open, the same kind of language I know they used behind closed doors. I have friends in places like these and I've been around the block a few times too my friends. You just have to call a spade a spade.