08 December 2014

KingCast & Mortgage Movies Ask the Banks: Did Reimer Arnovitz Chernek & Jaffrey Returned Foreclosure Court Checks Match Client Disbursement Checks?

So we've already gone through the litany of lies and of deceit by this law firm ad nauseam, going back to 1977 go here if you need any of that, plus you can read the Ethics Complaint I filed against them that is still in Play with respect to the managing partners.  So you know those creepy lawyers lied against me to the Columbus Bar Association and claimed they didn't talk to me as a reporter on the Pattie Busby foreclosure case because of FDCPA privacy concerns, only for me to prove that they had actual knowledge that she waived privacy, LOL.

So now the question is will these dozens of Summit County return checks, from 2012-2014 match the client disbursement checks to the banks, and will everything reconcile cleanly with the Reimer IOLTA accounts. Many many people tell me that they may not, because Reimer basically "took the money and ran" on many occasions by simply zeroing out the account when the the client was allegedly entitled to the full face value of the check because Reimer had promptly billed them when they set up each account with the Court in the first place.

If everything comes up clean, fine. If not I have no problem watching these lying-assed dirtbags squirm around a bit, maybe lose a license or two, three or four. This is where the banksters and I have an odd alliance: They don't want to be associated with firms that get caught breaking the law and they certainly don't want their money stolen, right. Scuttlebutt has it that the banks have been demanding full accounting from Reimer, Arnovitz lately. Well after they get done reviewing these checks the scrutiny just might heat up a notch or two, LOL guys looks like you fucked with the Wrong Guy. I warned you about that but your waxing hubris and sense of self-entitlement got the better of you.

2012 Returned Checks
2013 Returned Checks
2014 Returned Checks

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