21 December 2014

KingCast is Riding on the Metro, Yet Again.... With Beers!

Harpoon Brewing Company does not necessarily condone or approve this message.

So these cool young cats get on the S/B Metro North this evening with a six-pack of Harpoon Winter Warmers that were crafted back in my old Southie neighborhood and I joked with them:

"Hey yooze can bring those over right here!"

I was completely joking. But then they needed an opener.

"Oh hell let me show you an old Army trick" I says, brandishing a Bic lighter.  


"That one's yours!" says the guy on my left.  So I continued opening them 'till we passed around and all had a toast, awesome.


Riding on the Metro I
Riding on the Metro II
Riding on the Metro III
2014 Fuse Box Moto Christmas Spirit
(video below).

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