21 November 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Triumph of Seattle/KTM Grand Opening 2014.

Caption this photo from Triumph of Seattle Grand Opening. I'll start: 
"Yeah its my bike... It's a factory ride... in fact I've got a garage full of factory bikes at my house... I mean both of my houses....... and all those guitars are mine too!"

The Man of the Hour, Dude of the Day!

Triumph has moved to Seattle amidst substantial public interest! Last week Dave Roosevelt and the Fuse Box opened their doors to welcome the lads and lasses from the North, and this weekend will be their grand opening, with Peasant Food Manifesto food truck, tasty beers and more!

Enjoy the pre-party video here, and stay tuned for product and building pics to come along with the party video from tomorrow, Saturday, 23 November 2014.

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