12 November 2014

KingCast Lament: Paseo's Shutters Doors Amidst Reported Law Suit.

This sucks. It sucks to lose such a great sandwich shop and it sucks if the allegations are true.The Seattle Times reports
Although no one would give an official cause for the cash-only business’ closure Tuesday, it’s clear that Paseo’s president, Lorenzo Lorenzo, has had a lot more than secret recipes to worry about the last few months. Four Paseo workers, who were fired in March, filed a lawsuit against Lorenzo, his wife, and the Paseo Caribbean Food business in September.  
The workers claim in the lawsuit, filed in King County Superior Court, that they worked about 80 hours a week without being paid time-and-a-half for overtime. About 40 hours of the workers’ wages were paid in cash and not documented in the official payroll system, according to the lawsuit. The workers also allege they did not receive rest and meal breaks as required by law. The four Hispanic workers also claim in the lawsuit that they were treated differently than non-Hispanic workers.
I had to quit shopping at B & H Camera's because of multimillion dollar discrimination lawsuits. In the case at bar, I have heard that the employees who were allegedly discriminated against gave as good as they got, to put it politely. I'll have to check the court for the filings to see what's up. Stay tuned.

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