03 November 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say: Vote Michelle Darnell over Cyrus Habib... He Won't Answer Questions and is a Forum No-Show.

Well folks, caveat emptor. Don't say I didn't warn you. The Darnell campaign informs me that Cyrus Habib blew off at least two forum invites by reneging on a promise to appear. Typical monied politician and I'll tell him straight to his face when I see him. Not if, but when. And I further know that he implied to Michelle Darnell that he was going to call the police or security on me when I appeared at his office at Perkins Coie, even though that firm is indeed the legal counsel of record for the Democratic Party.  I told the Stranger they were full of shit in their endorsement of him too. Despite all of this Candidate Darnell remained positive and tried to be diplomatic. I don't need to be diplomatic because there is not one goddamn thing I need from Cyrus Habib nor is he likely to offer me anything anyway, so fuck him. I will say this for the Record: If he wins tomorrow, and if he calls the police on me when I appear at his publicly-subsidized public office to ask him my four simple questions he ignored during the campaign he will most definitely regret it. Just ask the lawyers who appear in the video at bottom who reneged on an agreement establishing a video Deposition.

The World is a crazy place but rest assured you will always get the Real Deal from me, ciao. Here is your background. Here then, are the questions that Candidate Darnell answered in video and in writing, as any professional politician should and would.

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