08 November 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Frown as La Mar Gunn gets his Kent County Recorder of Deeds Election Victory stolen.

La Mar Gunn Interview with Delaware 105.9.

Here is the 9 Jan 2015 letter from the Delaware Supreme Court slamming Betty Lou McKenna and John Paradee for trying to convene an immediate hearing when they had already wasted the Court's resources on a request that the Court was already in the process of denying. 

I was waiting for this letter so I could add it to my Free Press First Amendment lawsuit so that the Court can see that I hardly the only one who thinks that these people are full of shit.
Lest we forget.... it appears that Betty Lou McKenna and John Paradee originally requested a "Full Investigation." Now they renege. Wonder why. 
Good Day Attorney Paradee, I see you are trying to railroad the State High Court into holding an expedited hearing so that you can get Betty Lou McKenna sworn in by Governor Markell. We vigorously oppose that little end-around the Fair Election Process. 

I am aware that you find me funny, but while you're busy laughing I along with others are filing DOJ complaints, the GOP Chair, the Black Caucus, the NAACP and I have all addressed Governor Markell. 

Further, I spoke with Senator Coons' office in light of his Voting Rights Act advocacy and Candidate Gunn is demanding a full forensic evaluation of those mystery ballots. My Free Press First Amendment lawsuit will arrive in your hands with Waiver of Summons by the end of this week or top of next. If you and your candidate and the State actors like Lisa Robinson have nothing to hide then you all should freely welcome this sort of inquiry and have an open process where hard drive and ink forensics are employed. I will settle for nothing less, so suit yourself, I guess.
La Mar Gunn won 6 times to my count. They just could NOT let him win. 

Also State of Delaware caught a case of the worries; they have been all
camped out in my journal page. I should start charging rent, LOL.

Welcome to Delaware the 4th most corrupt State in the Union.
Meanwhile, I guess an activist, educated black homeowner who fights foreclosure and banking corruption cannot win a County Recorder election. In Pennsylvania I'm sure the establishment hates Nancy Becker, but in Delware they went one step further, suggests La Mar Gunn, who won --- and   then lost --- his race last week: When I saw a bunch of hits with his name (see below thumbnail) I knew something was up, so I wrote him and he wrote back as I will publish later. He won by two votes and it was certified by the Board of Elections for the State, which is run by Democrats. Gunn is a Republican. But then Court staff and attorneys and all the cronies in the Board of Canvass got together and the result:  No explanation, just a sheet saying Gunn -1 ballot McKenna +3. Somewhere along the line a Superior Court Judge flip-flopped too.... more on this later.

Look below to see the approximate location of the ip address
from the State as to who is looking:
I'll bet is the "recount" headquarters.

Mr. Gunn has has some measure of success fighting corruption... he got faux notary Nikole Shleton decommissioned for life.....  and that is why Eckert Seamans and the State of Delaware are always snooping on my Mortgage Movies Journal. Anyway where is Eric Holder? We had a hard time getting in touch with him after Attorney Howard Apgar called Shirley Golphin a nigger who couldn't afford her mortgage. Listen to my interview with Attorney Apgar as well as the tape. I wrote Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates as well, no response. Where is President Obama? Where is Justice? Stay tuned for an interview with Mr. Gunn and for the answers to these pressing questions.

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