26 November 2014

Mortgage Movies Sees Baltimore MD Bankruptcy Clerk Get Pissy When Asked About Hearing Notice.

Three days notice for a BK hearing? I don't think that's appropriate. So why did it happen? Yah they reset the hearing but what bullshit. And BTW the Debtor's case was in the section of Court handled by the first Clerk, last name started with an "A." The second clerk was totally chill, "L-Z" probably because she had no part in this fiasco.

22 November 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: International Motorcycle Show Seattle 2014.

As I said at Backfire #43 when I first moved here after my first Cross-Country ride:  Start them young! Much more to follow. And be sure to come out later this evening for the Grand Opening at Triumph Seattle -- short B roll video below. Meanwhile the Song Remains the Same: John Bonham's Yamaha is my favorite bike at the Seattle International Motorcycle Show!

21 November 2014

KingCast Presents: That's My Livums!

Fucking Hootlarious Dog.

KingCast Presents: The Inimitable Raspberri Elisa Making Inimitable Art!

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Triumph of Seattle/KTM Grand Opening 2014.

Caption this photo from Triumph of Seattle Grand Opening. I'll start: 
"Yeah its my bike... It's a factory ride... in fact I've got a garage full of factory bikes at my house... I mean both of my houses....... and all those guitars are mine too!"

The Man of the Hour, Dude of the Day!

Triumph has moved to Seattle amidst substantial public interest! Last week Dave Roosevelt and the Fuse Box opened their doors to welcome the lads and lasses from the North, and this weekend will be their grand opening, with Peasant Food Manifesto food truck, tasty beers and more!

Enjoy the pre-party video here, and stay tuned for product and building pics to come along with the party video from tomorrow, Saturday, 23 November 2014.

20 November 2014

KingCast Buy Nothing Shoreline Circus Freaks and Sideshow Halloween Party Video.

And here is your Back Story, with pics. 
Stay tuned for a short documentary about this tremendous effort.

19 November 2014

Mortgage Fraud: KingCast and Mortgage Movies Celebrate as La Mar Gunn Spanks U.S. Bank and its Attorneys at Eckert, Seamans in Federal District Court Jury Trial.

I am working on a new video to replace the one I posted earlier this morning.
Betty Lou's foreclosure/Deed in Lieu + Bankruptcy...... 
Who would want her running anyone's property Department?
Look for it Friday!

Re: Racism and nonresponsive attorneys taint the La Mar Gunn election and property issues.
11 minutes ago 10:51 AM
Dear Attorney Paradee:

I afforded you and Mr. Gunn the same opportunity to speak. You and the candidate (McKenna) both disrespected that process by not responding.

Further, the Clerk at the Registry specifically told me to contact attorney Paradee to explain why I could not run video at a public office.

Feel free to share this with Mr. Gunn's counsel. In fact, I implore you to do so.

Sent from my iPhone

And this just in, the UNANIMOUS Jury Verdict forms to follow. La Mar Gunn spanks U.S. Bank in Federal District Court, Case No. 2011-1155. This is the cover page to his Motion  Reconsider. I told Eckert Seamans and Attorney Francis G.X. Pileggi that La Mar Gunn was the Real Deal a long time ago, keep reading my journal page as noted below; read it and weep fellas as some of the media clowns try to claim he is playing the race card, well the Federal Jury didn't think so.... so maybe, just maybe.... La Mar Gunn is right.

"The Defendant SPS has represented for years that it represents U.S. Bank as Trustee, but U.S. bank claims to represent the certificate holders of EQCC Home Equity Asset Backed Trust 1998-2 and at times EQCC Home Equity Asset Backed Trust 1998-3. Neither trust is active, nor does either trust have any certificate holders remaining. According to information submitted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and U.S. Bank as trustee, the certificate holders in these trust were fully indemnified in 2005. Furthermore, Gunn intends to call the prosecuting attorney for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a witness to provide testimony that Shelton admitted to "fraud" while working for SPS flkJa Fairbanks Capital. Shelton and Defendant SPS have conspired in the uttering of counterfeit securities.

In the instant action, Defendant SPS has introduced two conflicting assignments of 
mortgage, both coming well after either trusts' cut-off and closing dates. The trust are governed by New York Trust Law. The actions of Defendant SPS and their counsel are reprehensible and violate U.S. Securities law. 

.....The bogus assignment was originally purported to have been retroactively 
executed on September 30, 2002, and notarized by the infamous RoboSigner Nikole Shelton of Montgomery County Pennsylvania. This is an impossibility for several reasons which Ray Charles could see based on a voluminous number of uncontroverted facts already in the record. The attached exhibits show a corrupted business model that involves egregious acts of fraud being waged against African Americans and Hispanics primarily. By continuing to ignore the obvious, Delaware courts prove that the doors ofjustice only open to those who have the means to retain counsel. 

This Honorable Court dismissed Gunn's claims that the Delaware State Courts were either corrupt or are way overdue for a securitization 101 lesson. It is unfathomable to believe that every court in Delaware could turn a blind eye to the fact that Defendant SPS is wreaking havoc on Delaware homeowners and has tainted the entire state's land record with fabricated documents. See Exhibits A - Z. 

This court cannot be responsible for setting precedents that legalize fraud because the lower court refused to uphold the constitution or simply proceeded with an ulterior motive to aid and abet fraud. It is clear from the immeasurable number of FABRICATED mortgage documents filed by Defendant SPS, that the fraud is not limited to the instant action, but is widespread through Delaware and throughout the United States. 

A copy of the attached assignments supra are believed to involve violations of federal laws and will be provided to state and federal authorities in the very near term. Title 18 USC § 4 state that: Whoever, having knowledge ofthe actual commission ofa felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both. 

Counterfeit documents have been filed into this court and the court has taken a blind stance very similar to that of Judge Silverman's. Gunn does not have a legal background, but it would seem that one does not have to have graduated suma cum laude from Harvard Law, to understand that even if Dorothy Davis and Francis Pileggi had successfully presented a counterfeit $100 bill at Family Dollar for payment of goods, Bloomingdales would be under no obligation to accept the counterfeit $100 bills; It is therefore axiomatic that fraud vitiates every transaction into which it enters and although a miscarriage of justice occurs in a state court, a court of federal jurisdiction is not bound to continue down the same path. 

If Gunn has misinterpreted the law as to fraud, New York Trust Law, and U.S. Securities 
Laws, Gunn humbly request this court provide fmdings of fact and conclusions of law to clarify Gunn's misinterpretation of the federal court's inherent authority to consider claims that if ignored by the court would result in a fundamental miscarriage of justice." 



Delaware Government looking in..... as the Delaware Black Caucus 
files racism allegations.
November 14, 2014

Re: La Mar Gunn vs Delaware Department of Elections..... More on this of course at last week's journal entry.

18 November 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Welcome Debra Jones Sovereignty Classes: Wake Up, Sheeple!

My first taste of sovereignty arguments came in this landmark video with 50,000+ hits where I saw a Judge literally run from the bench. The State eventually backed away from the underlying case.

I'll be running video at the Seattle area seminar in Yelm, Washington November 29 - December 5, 2014.  More details and registration are here.
Powers That Be, You control our world. You’ve poisoned the air we breathe, contaminated the water we drink, and copyrighted the food we eat. We fight in your wars, die for your causes, and sacrifice our freedoms to protect you. You’ve liquidated our savings, destroyed our middle class, and used our tax dollars to bailout your unending greed. We are slaves to your corporations, zombies to your airwaves, servants to your decadence. 

You’ve stolen our elections, assassinated our leaders, and abolished our basic rights as human beings. You own our property, shipped away our jobs, and shredded our unions. You’ve profited off of disaster, destabilized our currencies, and raised our cost of living. You’ve monopolized our freedom, stripped away our education, and have almost extinguished our flame. We are hit… we are bleeding… but we ain’t got time to bleed......

Come to the Seminar and learn your Rights.

13 November 2014

Mortgage Movies Catches Former WA Senator Dino Rossi in a Bald-Faced Lie: "I Didn't Make Money off of Foreclosures."

Note: Michelle Darnell had no part in the impetus or production of this video and does not approve of this message. I am my own man and I will say what I need to say, when I need to say it. And if anyone has an issue with this they can come to me directly. Perhaps the State will want to discuss it with me, or perhaps they are all set after their review this morning. I see 124 hits on this page already and it's not even noon. I put it up at like 2am. as I went to bed. And just so you know, I do not hate all Republicans nor do I hate all Dems. Two of my favorite business partners are indeed white male Republicans. I do however have a grave dislike for people who disrespect me or who are full of shit. Oh, excuse me I mean to say "completely disingenuous." I am quite open in my support for black Republican La Mar Gunn over in Delaware. Do your research and see how his election victory was stolen after not one but two recounts. In the lower thumbnail right here we see the Delaware Government looking in..... as the Delaware Black Caucus files racism allegations.


Dino Rossi is basically Mr. Real Estate in Washington. He's also a figurative unofficial head of the Republican Party in many ways. He is also a liar. Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if he took banking industry money when he was a Senator in the same or similar fashion as his Democratic buddy Steve Hobbs. I'll get to him later but for now take a look at this Mortgage Movies Journal Entry
As to Rossi, I don't know how he could possibly have the nerve to almost look me in the eye and say that he didn't make money off of foreclosures given all of the information on him that is readily available. I directly call him a liar and challenge him to sue me for Defamation so we can put twelve in a box and rock it. I was there to support Michelle Darnell in the 48th as I've worked with her helping homeowners and respect her successful efforts to become knowledgeable about all aspects of her candidacy. 

Now then, from what I saw and heard at the event when I asked a question about banking malfeasance I can safely say this Country is still in a lot of trouble and will be for the next foreseeable future. 

 "What about the banking malfeasance and the homeowners?" I asked. 

 "Are you serious." "You're at the wrong convention." 

Apparently so. And the fish rots at the head.
Sources: Talking Points MemoPublicola at Seattle MetSalon and more. 

Seattle Used Bikes, The Fuse Box and KingCast Motorsports Welcome Triumph of Seattle to.... Seattle!

Welcome in boys and girls! And get used to that monthly food fest with Bardsley the Master Chef. That Elk thigh was delicious.

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Randy trying to act surprised that someone flipped me off.