13 October 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Guty and his 1970 Mustang 250 Straight Six 4sp Manual. Mary Tyler Moore, Baby!

I was watching this car the past few days and figured it had to be his, so I asked him, confirmed and did a little video I will put up soon :)

The cars of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I watch this and I cry a little. This is what led me to journalism and that is what led me to law. Little did I know how fixed the game really is. Anyway Guty is a Great Guy and I'm totally psyched about his car and the fact that it is *NOT* a 350 Shelby Fastback or a Mach One. Immediately thereafter in '72- onward was the decline of the Mustang that lasted for god knows how long, but to see one with a stick and the little Six is just, special. I can't wait to go for a ride, no stereo just.... car.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Opening and Closing Theme 1970 - 1977 from TeeVees Greatest on Vimeo.

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