16 October 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Ballard Backfire #51.

The Mighty Mighty Batmobile next to what I believe to be an S1 Buell. 

More to come. Actually, a lot more over the winter, including but not limited to Backfire 46, 50 and other fun oddities. But right now this pic of Norm, taken as a video capture no less -- absolves me of any sins I may or may not have committed for the past 18 months.  Oh, wait... okay 38 months. I forgot a few things. Anyway once every few months or so during a video you capture some amazing things. This is one such occasion. Dig the crop.
Here are all of the old vids I've done since I moved here last July, over the winter I'll do #46, 50 and tonight.

All Righty then.... Winter Savings Program is on!
Wherein I discover that a 5 year-old Husky is a (relative) bargain.

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