19 October 2014

KingCast and Bromberg: Winning Trials like Tubbs & Crockett, Tenspeed and Brownshoe! Jason Bromberg Explains How we Kicked Some Millionaire's Ass at Trial for Car Fraud.

This was another all-too-quick visit with Jason Bromberg, the man who will always be my brother. In an upcoming video he tells the story to his cousin about how we crushed All Foreign Auto, who bailed on the first day of trial regarding the fact that they knew the Mercedes 300D they sold him had indeed been spanked. We overheard them talking about it when we stopped in one day, then I found the prior owner through Carfax, which was kind of new back then in 1997. 

"Oh yah, I wrapped that thing around a phone pole good one rainy night," he said. I think I threatened to subpoena his ass, then on the first day of Trial they settled. I hate lying-assed fuck-faced people. 

But wait: The best part was when the owner drove past my office and noted that it was the same apartment building Jason lived in. "Your attorney is a nobody and he works out of his house... I'll spend whatever it takes to make sure that you don't get a dime." Then we spanked his ass, good. Enough for another Mercedes and my attorney fees.

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