29 October 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Triumph Seattle and Will the Real Husky 310 Please Stand Up!

Well folks... spot the Real Husky 310.... LOL. So ya this little Craigslist blurb totally fucked me all up when searching for a Husky 310 this evening. Also, on an unrelated note, here comes Triumph Seattle.... (related Aurora Suzuki retirement video here).

25 October 2014

KingCast Presents: The KLR 250 Winter Bike! Or, in the Alternative Everything Old is New Again.

In 1986 I walked into a Kawasaki dealer and bought a brand-new Kawasaki KLR 250. It was kinda slow but arguably at the head of its class.  Nearly twenty years later that same bike was no longer anywhere near the head of its class but it sure makes a helluva great trail and winter bike so I can keep the dirt off of the Batmobile!  Next year I am thinking I'll stay in the 250 class but go to the Yamaha WR 250R. I almost bought a big ol' Honkin' WR 426 but you know honestly I bet I'll be faster on a 250 because frankly I'm just not that damn good :)

23 October 2014

KingCast Presents: Halloween Circus Freaks and Sideshow Seattle 2014.

Circus Freaks and Sideshow.... where Dolls die hard.... 
and where Derrick Green shows up dressed as Sepultura's lead singer.  Oh, wait.....

19 October 2014

KingCast and Bromberg: Winning Trials like Tubbs & Crockett, Tenspeed and Brownshoe! Jason Bromberg Explains How we Kicked Some Millionaire's Ass at Trial for Car Fraud.

This was another all-too-quick visit with Jason Bromberg, the man who will always be my brother. In an upcoming video he tells the story to his cousin about how we crushed All Foreign Auto, who bailed on the first day of trial regarding the fact that they knew the Mercedes 300D they sold him had indeed been spanked. We overheard them talking about it when we stopped in one day, then I found the prior owner through Carfax, which was kind of new back then in 1997. 

"Oh yah, I wrapped that thing around a phone pole good one rainy night," he said. I think I threatened to subpoena his ass, then on the first day of Trial they settled. I hate lying-assed fuck-faced people. 

But wait: The best part was when the owner drove past my office and noted that it was the same apartment building Jason lived in. "Your attorney is a nobody and he works out of his house... I'll spend whatever it takes to make sure that you don't get a dime." Then we spanked his ass, good. Enough for another Mercedes and my attorney fees.

16 October 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Ballard Backfire #51.

The Mighty Mighty Batmobile next to what I believe to be an S1 Buell. 

More to come. Actually, a lot more over the winter, including but not limited to Backfire 46, 50 and other fun oddities. But right now this pic of Norm, taken as a video capture no less -- absolves me of any sins I may or may not have committed for the past 18 months.  Oh, wait... okay 38 months. I forgot a few things. Anyway once every few months or so during a video you capture some amazing things. This is one such occasion. Dig the crop.
Here are all of the old vids I've done since I moved here last July, over the winter I'll do #46, 50 and tonight.

All Righty then.... Winter Savings Program is on!
Wherein I discover that a 5 year-old Husky is a (relative) bargain.

13 October 2014

KingCast Motorsports Presents: Guty and his 1970 Mustang 250 Straight Six 4sp Manual. Mary Tyler Moore, Baby!

I was watching this car the past few days and figured it had to be his, so I asked him, confirmed and did a little video I will put up soon :)

The cars of the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I watch this and I cry a little. This is what led me to journalism and that is what led me to law. Little did I know how fixed the game really is. Anyway Guty is a Great Guy and I'm totally psyched about his car and the fact that it is *NOT* a 350 Shelby Fastback or a Mach One. Immediately thereafter in '72- onward was the decline of the Mustang that lasted for god knows how long, but to see one with a stick and the little Six is just, special. I can't wait to go for a ride, no stereo just.... car.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Opening and Closing Theme 1970 - 1977 from TeeVees Greatest on Vimeo.