30 September 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Observe POTUS Checking in on Michelle Darnell v. Cyrus Habib Washington 48th District Senate Race.

I routinely see the White House folks watching and reading my journals. They won't admit it, but then again I don't really need them to admit it because I have my own resources to prove it. Now sometimes the actual readout says "Office of the President," whereas this time it does not. Anyone want to place a bet? Here's your back story.  

And if you don't believe this race is important, then answer the question as to why POTUS is watching. And he's not for Michelle Darnell that's for sure. The problem is, the Republicans aren't helping her out much either because she says things about finance and the mortgage industry that cut too close to the bone. Cyrus won't touch any of it. He just wants a nice easy ride, but that's not what exactly what he's going to get because I have some questions for him and at some point we will meet again face to face. So when both parties try to ignore the candidate, that is the candidate for whom you're supposed to vote, simple.

Here then, is a link to Ms. Darnell's responses to the four questions that Mr. Habib ignored.

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