29 September 2014

Aurora Icons: KingCast Motorsports Celebrates the Big Sixty with Moto International's Dave Richardson, and Retirement with Aurora Suzuki's Randy McAllister.

Hahahaaaa..... off like a herd of turtles.
Winner, most drooled-over category.

Thanks for helping us stay young at heart guys! I've always been reel big on documenting what we do and who we are in the motorcycling community. See "cogito ergo zoom" T-shirt in Boston MA 2012 at 4:24. We're just little people carving out some fun for ourselves in a chaotic and all too often abusive World. And these two gentlemen and their associates have brought a LOT of fun to a LOT of people over the years. And that's what this is all about. Irrespective of whatever differences we have individually or collectively as bikers, we are all.... bikers. 'Nuff sed.

Videos and more stills are forthcoming but I'm kind of busy: There's Backfire #50, Twinline Dyno Sessions, a short interview with Randy and the video and stills from yesterday's birthday party... including a short and slow helmet cam romp in the woods (mostly) atop J.W.'s '75 Bultaco 350. I sold a lot of dirt bikes in the the 2000's but haven't owned one or been off-road since the late '80s' and you better believe me, it shows :)
"Buck Harness" negotiating the purchase of Aurora Suzuki signage.
Rare Species: A Water Buffalo citing at Twinline Moto.

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