14 September 2014

A KingCast/Mortgage Movies Moment with King County Seattle Judge Mark Chow.

Video forthcoming Sunday afternoon. I am compressing it now.
I absolutely love this picture. 
Too bad the focus is just a hair off, but boy what composition.
It actually reminds me of my all time favorite photo from 1990.
Earlier this evening I had the privilege of meeting His Honor and some of his family.  I was a guest of Jane Mair, whose home I had the privilege of saving, along with countless other area advocates and attorneys.  I was her final point of contact when I drove her down to Bank of America so she could finish her loan modification paperwork.  Here is the impromptu phone video from that exchange as well as the seminal Jane Mair Bank of America protest video, seen here.

Now what is funny about that second Jane Mair video is that it involves an Ohio visit with Safeguard, the Cleveland-based National entity that is under suit right now by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, one year to the day. Here's the AG press release. I have some new information about Safeguard and Keller-Williams Realty I am posting in my next journal entry on Sunday evening. It seems that they just can't stop breaking and entering into property to which they hold no legal claim. I have them red-handed in Florida this time. His Honor is aware that we will be bringing him up to speed on legal developments throughout the area and throughout the Country so that he may continue to make informed, progressive judgments from the Bench.

KingCast: Never Afraid to tell a Judge what time it is.

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