07 August 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Say D-48 Senate Candidate Michelle Darnell is a Hit with Elders, Children and Voters: 5% of Cyrus Habib's Money and 36% of the Vote!

In this week's Primary run Candidate Michelle Darnell garnered 36% of the vote in Washington's 48th  District. Meanwhile her opponent Cyrus Habib -- a well-known, high-powered Yale Attorney -- continues to ignore the four (4) basic questions on education funding (McCleary), taxation and foreclosure that I tendered to both candidates two weeks ago.   That's probably not a Good Idea but then what do I know: I only graduated from Case Western Reserve School of Law..... the Harvard and Yale guys get to play by a different set of rules apparently, and it is in my opinion that sort of Old Boy Network (and a touch of voter apathy) that Habib is counting on to carry him to the finish line. Time will tell but whatever the case it appears that he will have a good run for his money.

And speaking of money, Crosscut Journal shows Darnell with $7,022.00 and Habib with $161,626.00. In today's video feature Darnell quips:
"That's a pretty good return on investment. Someone like that ought to be running the State budget." 
Stay tuned in the coming months for more updates.

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