07 July 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See RCW 61.24.163 Bad Faith Wells Fargo Fight Homeowner on Modification of Predatory Mortgage.

Here's your back story from 2013 citing the Corvello and Wigod cases. An excerpt from catastrophic brain injury survivor Jane Mair to Wells Fargo. Keep in mind I helped Ms. Mair obtain her Mortgage Mod with BoA on another home, so it's time for Wells Fargo to follow suit or be sued:

Stop it. You got bailed out by government after engaging in fraudulent and other bad conduct, but you won’t deal with me and give me any help when you know I have a predatory loan and I am a catastrophic brain injury survivor. As I told the media, I am able to pay $1,500 a month on this house, and that is a reasonable payment for comparable homes in this area. It is your legal, moral and ethical duty to make this happen, particularly in light of the fact that you refused to work with me before when I tried to refinance when interest rates were lower.

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