28 July 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Butler Hosch, Regional Trustee Services Screw Staff, Stiff Lawyer, Depo Staff and Get Sued.*

30 July 2014 Update -- 
Got my money.... stay tuned for a very funny video ride to the bank..... Note: The merger linked below is probably fraudulent. The new company formed in the Butler, Hosch buyout strips the liabilities -- i.e. from pending lawsuits -- away from the assets and they leave the liabilities with the old company. Query, how will they pay the liabilities then? Does the Secretary of State care?

But just like that, today I see things are in motion - they have finally requested W9's.
Remember how I showed you six (6) weeks ago that Regional Trustee Services' CFO Deborah Kaufman bailed on a video deposition and Robinson-Tait and RTS agreed to pay appearance fees for Attorney Ha Dao, the Court Reporter and Affordable Video Depo -- i.e. Yours Truly?

Well apparently they've been too busy with some other nefarious merger (asset transfer) with foreclosure mill Butler, Hosch to pay attention to us so if I'm not sorted by the Close of Business today the Courts will pay attention to them.  As I note in the video, amidst some rather choice profanity, while they expand in the Northwest I'll be expanding my #10 Alpine Stars up their backside. What an irony, the very people who lurk about ready to evict homeowners for late pays go and late pay a foreclosure defense attorney and her vendors, nice. Also it seems that Butler Hosch is a horrible place to work unless you're a partner "Just a foreclosure mill, not really a law firm," say several employees according to glass door. Don't blame me, I'm just the messenger but if they will treat their employees this way image what they will do to a homeowner:
Advice to Senior Management – Just close down! You are doing a great disservice to the law profession. Awful, awful place and management. 
Cons – I have never worked for a company who expected so much, but gave you so little tools in order to get the job done. No, I would not recommend this company to a friend. 
“Horrible disorganized mess of a business” There were ridiculous amounts of VP and AVP and they wouldn't have a clue how to do anything or solve any problems. The benefits were a joke. Very high price it would take half your small pay check away. Please stay away from this place the stress and fear of this being your week to get laid off is not worth your health.
*The lawsuit hasn't happened yet, and it's only $325 but honestly, it's not about the money.... it's about the Principal.... err... Principle. But maybe I could use the money to offset the cost of our new pooch, maybe she can sniff out where it's hiding, somewhere in a dark corporate abyss, LOL.

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