09 June 2014

KingCast and Clifford Pisano See Near-Tragedy Strike the Corrupt Development at 525 Beach Street in Revere.

UPDATE:  Twice in one week in Revere.... look at that crane tip over at another area site -- the Karma bus has got Revere and their developer buddies by the balls, apparently. Hither, OSHA?

We all know how corrupt this development really is, from getting through zoning and site plan review without ever divulging the filthy, contaminated soil (a former gas station) to stealing property from a U.S. Veteran and his wife. We continually reported it to MassDEP but they did nothing. Well now some poor bloke just trying to earn an honest wage has suffered a major injury: Mr. Pisano has now learned that his leg was not crushed but was subject to lacerations. A short phone video accompanies, above. At bottom note how corrupt Councilor Ira Novoselsky capped my camera and the Mayor's office, by and through lackey Miles Lang Kennedy called police on me when I came to investigate. Well that's what you get for being so goddamned evil, sad to say. I know they are probably calling me a nigger behind my back as well, and Clifford is a nigger lover to them anyway. Such is Revere's racist history. Scum.

This project is run as an Umbrella Corporation out of Chelsea,they are now known as The Neighborhood Developers now after changing their name several times in Court Documents in first case SUCV2012-00054 Superior Court which was settled out of Court by way of settlement, whom have just allowed an 87 year old WWII Veteran to get his Existing property stolen out from underneath he and his 77 year old sick wifes noses with no Legal reference or Court document to do so seeing their was pending litigation going on at that time in front of Judge Gordon H Piper in Land Court MISC480582GHP Me being Plaintiff in both Cases Pro'SE, The judge sat on my last two pleadings Motion to set aside Judgement and motion to Stay and allowed this to happen when he knew I was trying to protect said existing property of My WWII Veterans Existing property and TND for lying to my parents by informing them that they owned the existing property and not my parents whom purchased their house in 1972 with said existing property. 

The thing that gets my goat is they both hired an Attorney from Swampscott whom was supposed to fight for them and their existing property and did not say a word, knew i had ongoing case in Land Court for Adverse posession and Easement, almost like she was given an envelope from the developers.I have been in Superior Court twice against said shady lying developers, yes that was a WWII Veteran they did this too, oh, i was informed that they did the same thing in Chelsea to another property owner and existing property but that is something to check on also. My friend calls it an Umbrella Corporation,started by Joel Feinberg back in the 70's whom is also a partner with Barlett Hacket and Feinberg Law firm in Boston 155 Federal st. which represents TND CND 525 Beach st. Realty trust and the many other entities 17 in total we have counted under the same address in Chelsea at 4 Gerrish ave.

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