20 May 2014

KingCast is Back-in-the-Day with the Honda Interceptor, in the Present with Seattle Used Bikes' Awesome Grilled Snacks!

A KingCast Back-in-the-Day moment.... this was last month at Seattle Used Bikes but once upon a time, in 1998-2000 I had a 1986 VF500 Honda Interceptor just like this one before Honda left V4s and went to I4s for propulsion. It is undoubtedly one of the best motorcycles ever made as was its big brother the 750 Interceptor.

Seattle Used Bikes: I'm not in the market for another bike right now, but they are my First Choice for apparel and service. And coming soon on Wednesdays, the Only Choice for Bard's awesome fowl, beef and pork grilling!

Don't mind this.... just my soundtrack for the ride home from work.
Remember the original artwork controversy from the first press, nice.

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