16 April 2014

KingCast is Triumphant at Backfire Moto Night #45.

These people are about to cause me grievous bodily harm.....

Nah, just kidding. Video soon :)
Ahhhhh... one of life's finer treasures, and it is completely free to anyone who owns, rides or cares about scooters or motorcycles. It just can't be any more simple than that. Now of course, complications may arise when your mechanic finds reason to look at you like this...... so I have notified my life insurance carrier such that my loved ones will be well-sorted when my ticket comes up! Much more to come, for now enjoy the old shit from last year. And yeah, the new BMW is sublime. They have really got it right this time. I thought so when I saw the video but to see it in the flesh, yep it is very special. Of course it doesn't have a snarling triple engine so that relegates it behind whatever Triumph I own but hey. Triumph got that right arguably using old Kawasaki designs and now everybody wants a Triple, just ask Yamaha.

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