17 April 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies See Bank of America Finally Give Loan Mod to a Brain-Injured Tiananmen Survivor Jane Mair in Seattle, Washington.

You know The Deal. The homeowner suffers a catastrophic brain injury or some other setback and the bank directly implies to them that the should stop making payments for three months to be eligible for what they call a loan mod (it likely is not a real loan mod, just the servicer agreeing to less money), then all hell breaks loose as they dual track your ass right on out of your home. Well not this time, thanks to vigorous grass roots support, multimedia presentations and lawyers licensed and consulting.

Now what is truly disturbing about this particular case is that as soon as I successfully helped Jane Mair obtain her Trial Payment Period Bank of America put me on an internal no-call list and refused to speak with me when Ms. Busby gave them my number to discuss her situation involving probable BoA foreclosure fraud and the use of the Safeguard goon squad to threaten her. As noted in this journal entry Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing the pants off of Safeguard for such conduct. Funny BoA and I were friends back when I was a closing attorney but now I guess they hate my guts, for shame for shame. And that shame is borne by them, not by me.

Google: KingCast + Jane Mair to catch a flavor.

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