18 March 2014

KingCast Says "Goodnight, Bill Strothman."

I met Bill Strothman once, probably still have his card somewhere. I want to say it was in conjunction with the fellow getting his ear bitten off at Cal Anderson Park but I'm not sure. No it wasn't the day of this video it was someone else from KOMO with Joel Moreno but anyway he was such a nice guy you would never know how decorated he was as a journalist. This morning's helicopter crash at Seattle Center is tragic, tragic scene at a place where I have spent a lot of time for various reasons. My condolences for everyone involved. When you are a young journalist you always kind of dream about being That Guy who does the helicopter ride and typically gets there first. Well today Bill Strothman got there first, for the last time. It's so disturbing I just can't imagine what their friends and family are going through right now. I'll be delivering flowers to the site on Sunday. 

Coincidentally, Ironically or perhaps both, we were scheduled for our helicopter ride this weekend and we decided to go through with it, most definitely. When we crossed by the Space Needle all three of us had a moment, I'll say that much.

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