28 March 2014

Contaminated Runoff to Storm Drain in Revere at 525 Beach Street: KingCast and Clifford Pisano are Going to Nail the Dirty Neighborhood Developers to the Wall.

As usual, I see the Commonwealth lurking about, trying to find a way to ignore me.
Aiding and abetting scumbags.... I wonder where the money trail leads this time.

Note: Movie and lawsuit coming over the weekend. Clifford and his friends in Revere are working the lawsuit bit and I'm doing the movie. We're gonna get you dirty-assed motherfuckers. Wait for the lawsuit bitches. Threaten to arrest me when I come to your office, Counselor Novoselsky slapping my camera, fuck all of you, and you can quote me on that. See my father, when he worked as an environmental chemist in toxicology residue he couldn't say those things but I can, and I will.
So once again: Fuck. You.
With All My Heart,
Christopher King, J.D.

On Mar 28, 2014, at 05:53 AM, Clifford Pisano <clifford_pisano@yahoo.com> wrote:
This people is way out of line, the soil is contaminated , the water that they are draining out of that dry well in the back has contaminated water in it, this has got to stop asap because you are contaminating the water system in the city Of Revere.Where is the Green vacuum truck that you are supposed to be using, by Law.? Here is a little video of the drainage into the water sewer  system.I expect that you all will do the right thing here.This is Polutting the water.Dry well? Where did the water come from,is it a water table,either way it is contaminated water no matter how you look at it.Why is this not being tested,this is not snow melt,A federal Hazzwoper was out this way last night and noticed your drain,thanks to your orange paint.

  Sincerely, Clifford Pisano

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