31 March 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Explain Why Maryland Courts and Judge Mickey Norman Hate Video Cameras and Violate the First Amendment.

This is a long story... but basically we see a common thread when it comes to Maryland Courts, and that thread is disturbing at its core: The Court does not encourage any sort of video presence because its Judges (such as ex-cop Mickey Norman) are too busy helping the banksters in their mission to cover up the years of fraud and deceit that have been foisted onto the American and Word Public.

29 March 2014

KingCast Motorsports Says "Hot Damn.... it Looks Like a Triumph Speed Triple is on the Horizon!"

But in the end it is this one above. 
The 2004 Special Edition Speed Triple black on black.
With factory TOR pipe, nice!
Would I like something brighter, perhaps but hey.

I thought about a certain Ducati for a while... but naaaahhhh.... close call. Well it still is a close call... but Hooligans ride Hooligan bikes!

28 March 2014

KingCast Presents: The Goose is Baaaaaack.... or Quaaaaack!!!

He's baaaaaack..... or quaaaak.....
New video coming too. Here's the first one.

Contaminated Runoff to Storm Drain in Revere at 525 Beach Street: KingCast and Clifford Pisano are Going to Nail the Dirty Neighborhood Developers to the Wall.

As usual, I see the Commonwealth lurking about, trying to find a way to ignore me.
Aiding and abetting scumbags.... I wonder where the money trail leads this time.

Note: Movie and lawsuit coming over the weekend. Clifford and his friends in Revere are working the lawsuit bit and I'm doing the movie. We're gonna get you dirty-assed motherfuckers. Wait for the lawsuit bitches. Threaten to arrest me when I come to your office, Counselor Novoselsky slapping my camera, fuck all of you, and you can quote me on that. See my father, when he worked as an environmental chemist in toxicology residue he couldn't say those things but I can, and I will.
So once again: Fuck. You.
With All My Heart,
Christopher King, J.D.

On Mar 28, 2014, at 05:53 AM, Clifford Pisano <clifford_pisano@yahoo.com> wrote:
This people is way out of line, the soil is contaminated , the water that they are draining out of that dry well in the back has contaminated water in it, this has got to stop asap because you are contaminating the water system in the city Of Revere.Where is the Green vacuum truck that you are supposed to be using, by Law.? Here is a little video of the drainage into the water sewer  system.I expect that you all will do the right thing here.This is Polutting the water.Dry well? Where did the water come from,is it a water table,either way it is contaminated water no matter how you look at it.Why is this not being tested,this is not snow melt,A federal Hazzwoper was out this way last night and noticed your drain,thanks to your orange paint.

  Sincerely, Clifford Pisano

27 March 2014

KingCast Says Seattle Still has a Serious Crime Problem.... This Time it's Arson in First Hill.

Folks at City Hall reading late into the evening of 28 May 2014...

More crime last night... folks lost everything. 
Black Knoll Studios please contribute $ to them or whatever you can do.

5 May 2014 -- Nothing like a little tagging in front of your building, right.
Meanwhile my assault complaint from late April against an idiot in our building who was off his meds has not been assigned after 12 days. They are forcing him to leave but the clincher is that the apartment management company knew he was an issue, whoops. City Council President cut me off rudely when I raised these issues. Video forthcoming.WTF is wrong with this town? I love it in general but I am not without my legitimate concerns.
Look how goddamn pretty Ol Yaller was two years ago,(watch the video) and during my incredible ride to Seattle from Providence, RI last year.... until it got here. Now he's just totally irrevocably fucked up because of crackhead Seattle crime incidents. See how he looks now, below.

I make movies extolling the virtues of Seattle all the time... as well as the crime, as noted in the Cal Anderson Community meeting video, above. So tonight the cops are at our door at 3a.m. because some fucktard lit a dumpster, a church doorway -- and my motorcycle tarp -- on fire. This is the second time in a week for the dumpster. Add that to the videos (links attached) I have done on windshield bashing, a man's ear getting bitten off in Cal Anderson Park, my building manager's car being stolen on video and the previous hit-and-run on my bike and I gotta' say I'm looking to pool that loot and get to San Jose sooner than later. Remember the reason Ol Yaller is not sporting his fairing is because the new replacement is in the dining room from the hit-and-run, nice. Video forthcoming, and I will be having a very public chat with City Council shortly about all of this. And wait until you get to the damn phone call I had with Seattle Fire when they refused to send someone out for forensics. I've got it all recorded. As a website owner of Mortgage Movies Journal (Seattle City Council candidate forum on underwater and foreclosure properties) I recognize the Right to safe housing as a Civil Right, much as I used to sue the shit out of people doing Bad Things. More on that later but yah that was the Civil Rights Wagon, the '87 BMW 535is loved that whip.

Anyway that's okay asshole I'll just get another one. I'll park it at the goddamn police station, and it will have a goddamn alarm on it, bitch.

Kermit was super cool but is sold. This one is still out there....
And so too is this... my first Ducati?
But in the end it is this one: The 2004 Special Edition Speed Triple black on black.
With factory TOR pipe, nice!

18 March 2014

KingCast Says "Goodnight, Bill Strothman."

I met Bill Strothman once, probably still have his card somewhere. I want to say it was in conjunction with the fellow getting his ear bitten off at Cal Anderson Park but I'm not sure. No it wasn't the day of this video it was someone else from KOMO with Joel Moreno but anyway he was such a nice guy you would never know how decorated he was as a journalist. This morning's helicopter crash at Seattle Center is tragic, tragic scene at a place where I have spent a lot of time for various reasons. My condolences for everyone involved. When you are a young journalist you always kind of dream about being That Guy who does the helicopter ride and typically gets there first. Well today Bill Strothman got there first, for the last time. It's so disturbing I just can't imagine what their friends and family are going through right now. I'll be delivering flowers to the site on Sunday. 

Coincidentally, Ironically or perhaps both, we were scheduled for our helicopter ride this weekend and we decided to go through with it, most definitely. When we crossed by the Space Needle all three of us had a moment, I'll say that much.

KingCast Lifestyle Reminder: The Lake Street Dive Show at Neptune, Seattle 2014.

Here's your back story.

14 March 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: The State of Washington v. Quality Loan Service Corp (QLSC) Agreed Order.

They can't seem to come together on when a final hearing will occur; it has been twice postponed. Here is the lawsuit and Here is the Agreed Order link.

KingCast Says Here Comes the Video from the 2014 Connecticut Black Heritage Ball with Mayors Toni Harp and Scott Jackson at Yale Afro-American Cultural Center.

Here's your reference journal entry. Green Black and Red folks, GBR 24/7. The video should be up in a day or so, stay tuned.

13 March 2014

A KingCast Blast from the Past: Gerald L. Michael v. City of Whitehall,134 Ohio App. 3d 719; 732 N.E.2d 398 (1999) Affirmed in Part Reversed in Part.

Another handicap victory from the West Side of Columbus, Al & Jessie Hamm v. Gahanna was the first more on that when I find the link. I just came across this because I have family in Whitehall and I was telling them how fucked up it is there..... and this is case in point. Naturally the Court opinion only tells part of the story but you'll get the picture.

Appellant began working as a police officer for appellee on December 22, 1969.   Appellant claims in his complaint that he developed “physical stress-related problems” following the murder of a fourteen-year-old juvenile who was involved in a criminal investigation with appellant.   Appellant states that in July 1990, he “voluntarily transferred from the detective bureau to the uniform division at the request of his psychiatrist.”   Appellant also states that appellee “commenced a series of abusive, unlawfully discriminatory actions,” which included “banishing” him from the police department, refusing to “timely issue [appellant's] sick-time wages,” and ordering him to “relinquish his departmental weapon, identification, and any and all city-issued equipment.”   Appellant contends that appellee forced him to resign from his employment as a police officer in October 1991 [SNIP].....

12 March 2014

KingCast Says Lake Street Dive in Seattle = Sublime Show at the Neptune.

Lake Street Dive = Sublime. They all hold their own and the all hold each other.... and they are all great vocalists to boot.... just, wow! And yes the video is finally ready, I'm just so busy these days!

10 March 2014

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present: Financial Revival Group Webinar for Washington Underwater and Foreclosure Help

The webinars occur twice weekly. Watch this space for details. You will learn:

1.  What created the small rise in the housing market.

2.  The 7 questions you need to answer before you do anything.

3.  What are the resources you need to create your strategy.

My Own Bailout.
Financial Revival Group Facebook

06 March 2014

KingCast, Clifford Pisano and ACLU Member Ask if Neighborhood Developers are Falsifying Soil Tests for CERCLA 21E at Revere 525 Beach Street.

Here is some back story as to how dirty the whole project is at 525 Beach Street, with Revere City officials like Ira Novoselsky aiding and abetting. As to whether these soil samples are being manipulated I strongly encourage the ACLU member to save this video on a DVD and present it to MassDEP and the Feds. MassDEP sold out before let's see if they sell out again.

03 March 2014

Revere Conservation Contacted as Clifford Pisano Blast MASS DEP over 525 Beach Street Toxic Contamination.

Here is some back story with an ACLU member's Bad Faith Affidavit.
Above is MariElizabeth McKeon, who does not appear to be zealously representing
Clifford Pisano's parents in this matter.
The Developers reportedly told Mr. Pisano's aged parents that the 
land in dispute belonged to the Developers, although no such 
legal determination has been made.
So they settled, but Clifford Pisano has his own Standing as Adverse Possessor.

Here's my morning email to these scum as I out them to Mr. DeSantis:
Dear Mr. DeSantis:

I want you to know how dirty this game really is. Watch some of the movies that come up

01 March 2014

KingCast and Breffni Barrett Say Fuck the Comcast and Time Warner Merger and Lament the Sad, Sorry State of U.S. Cable/Internet/TV Pricing and Providers.

I'm sitting here on the couch, surfing the Internet with my girlfriend, going over finances as we discover that our monthly cable bill at $80+ is squarely 2/3 of what we pay for our car insurance for two average older cars, a standard Volvo and a SAAB Turbo. "What the fuck?" she says. "Yah, exactly... What the fuck" I concurred. And I say this as someone who has worked in the fiber and wireless industries I know the pricing is exorbitant for what we get. This quote from last month's Forbes story "The Cable Bill's Too High. Here's Why" says it all:
No wonder just the television portion of the cable bill has nearly doubled to $78 monthly over the last decade. And no surprise that U.S. cable and broadband rates are now at nosebleed levels relative to those on offer in foreign capitals, despite delivering inferior technology to the one that lets Koreans, Scandinavians and Hong Kongers surf the Internet much faster.
You want some more? Gizmodo wrote three (3) years ago in a feature "Why the government won't protect you from getting screwed by your cable company" 
For decades, cable operators were allowed to set up exclusive regional franchises. A cable company would come into an area, and more or less tell the municipal area in charge of franchising that it needed an exclusive for the next, say, 12-15 years if it was going to build out lines. That ended in 1992 with the Cable Television Consumer Protection and Competition Act, but the damage was done. Cable companies had already divided up the nation like Europe colonizing Africa. By the time regulation arrived, the land grab was already over.
 .....Anyone with half a brain can see that the whole problem is a lack of competition. And now we are somehow supposed to embrace the pending Comcast/Time Warner merger? Well fuck that, says Breffni Barrett as noted in these Consumerist and Bloomberg stories, claiming that claiming that executives prioritized their own bank accounts over investors’ interests for a deal that will have a difficult time passing regulatory muster.