21 February 2014

KingCast Sees ACLU Member Step in as the Scum Developers at 525 Beach Street are at it Again, Lying to Clifford Pisano's Parents on Easement and Adverse Possession Issues.

There is a pending allegation that the Developers showed up with their surveyor and told Clifford Pisano's parents that the area in question belongs to them.... which is a goddamn lie on the basis of Adverse Possession..... an issue that has not been decided by the Court yet. But based on that representation the Pisano family signed off on an Agreement. Watch the movie up top with dirty-assed City Councilor Ira Novoselsky -- who dared to muzzle my camera with his hat at City Hall mind you -- and stay tuned. because these Developers and their attorneys are complete scum. Same for the Pisano's appointed attorney, who sold them down the river. A BBO complaint has been filed against her.  All of these people are just basically pedigreed and monied trailer trash screwing over a nice family. For shame.

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