06 February 2014

KingCast Recalls the Passing of the Great Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr.

Arthur Ashe died on this date, 21 years ago. I got the chance to interview him once but he was and is one of my idols on and off the court; I remember telling him in Cincinnati that I had just told my parents I was going to law school... I'll never forget the way he nodded in approval "well then that's what you should do... we all need to work for change....."

These are two rough cuts of a larger series of unsung Civil Rights heroes. Here is the biography.com segment and here is the Ashe/McEnroe Masters' encounter of 1979 when an aging Arthur really should have beaten McEnroe as he did Jimmy Connors and Wimbledon 1975. The look on the linesman's face as Arthur is schooling Jimmy Connors is priceless.

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