13 February 2014

KingCast Observation: You Know You are Seriously Disturbed When Your SAAB Isn't Strange Enough Anymore so You Wonder if a Corvair Monza Coupe Might Work.

Insane in the Membrane..... Insane in the brain! Ummm yeahhhhh.... my 26 year-old SAAB isn't old enough or quirky enough... could I have something 23 years older than that please?  And with absolutely no amenities or safety considerations?  LOL I'm not really doing this (but I might for another BMW 2002tii)...... 

Actually the relationship is not that obtuse. The Olds Jetfire Corvair Monza and SAAB Turbos were the first and only affordable turbocharged cars in the United States. SAAB pretty much singlehandedly made turbocharging a household concept. BMW had a 1974/5 2002 Turbo and Porsche had the 930 Turbo but, well that was $26K in 1976, ahem. The SAAB was about $11K in 1978.

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