28 February 2014

KingCast is Back Home in Seattle, Riding the Triumph and Still Thinking About Joanna Marinova v. Boston Herald Defamation Lawsuit; Here's More Coverage.

28 May 2014 Update: Post Trial Rule 59 Motions are due by Friday 30 May, 2014. I would anticipate the Court will address those quickly, so if an Appeal is to be filed I would have to believe it would be before year's end. Let's see where it goes from there.

19 March 2014 Update: The verdict is in folks, and the Jury saw right through the Boston Herald and Jessica Van Sack's bullshit and returned liability verdicts on Defamation/Libel and Ms. Marinova's emotional distress claims.  Sure the scumbags will likely appeal and drag it out, or at least appeal to reduce whatever the verdict is, but whatever the case a Jury has SPOKEN, and the Boston Herald and Jessica Van Sack.... are scumbags schlock journos, as I have said all along while all the other area reporters conveniently forgot about this case. Details and more video soon.
There's Ol' Yaller.... and here's Jessica Van Sack and Joanna Marinova
courtesy the KingCast media pool. More video coming over the weekend.
Here is your first journal entry with some early video.
From what I understand, a line of questioning from attorney Joseph Lipchitz concerned whether or not there was a bar on the door when Ms. Marinova exited one of the rooms at Old Colony Prison. She answered in the affirmative, but was left wondering where in the hell that line of questioning is going because if that is what the Herald is going to argue they meant by saying that she was "barred" from the facility they really are as stupid as I've said all along.

Which of course all goes right back to the hallway video where I asked Attorney Lipchitz, Reporter Van Sack and the Herald brass exactly what the term "bagged" means... use it in a sentence: "Joanna Marinova was "bagged" for sex acts at Old Colony Prison.....

Between this and the Connecticut Black Heritage Ball with Mayors Toni Harp and Scott Jackson I have a lot of work to do so bear with me. My main focus will be to get the facts straight so I don't defame anyone, right.

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