31 January 2014

KingCast See Suffolk County Probate Tzar Patty Campatelli Back in Hot Water for Allegedly Assaulting an Employee.

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Back story #2.

Skip to 0:35 of this video and start watching..... not only was she a jerk to me, she never investigated the issue noted below. Well sports fans, she's under suspension and controversy yet again! 

Boston Globe reports on the allegation that she had a nutty and struck an employee.  I guess alcohol was involved by both parties, and scuttlebutt has it that Ms. Campatelli likes to get soused up and goes to town on her FB and such. I believe there's an app for that, or maybe I saw it on a sitcom..... Internet interlock or whatever, LOL.  

Remember, her office NEVER apologized to me for the comments made in my direction so I don't care what happens to her.... that much proves to me that she's an asshole anyway so good riddance to bad rubbish. Here is the text from an earlier post linked above:

On election eve, a dumb-assed Massachusetts Court politician drops the F-Bomb to a reporter covering court corruption:

02 SEPTEMBER 2012 KingCast sees Suffolk County Family & Probate candidate Patty Campatelli drop the F-Bomb while protecting corruption.  

Yesterday I posted a new video showing Martha's Vineyard-Edgartown District Court personnel violate SJC 1:19 as they continually failed to produce an audio transcript to a father who is proving that his wife issued material lies about him sexually abusing his children and striking her. I sent notice of this video to Candidate Campatelli, who has offered to befriend my friend Clifford Pisano, but who has in reality done nothing for him; I just checked in with him. 

 Note the FB reaction from Patty Campatelli, who is running for a Court position in Suffolk County and Probate Court: She told me to fuck off -- but just last week she liked me posting about corruption and petrol prices. The pictures don't lie folks, but apparently she will once she is in office if she supports this kind of hostility toward the press. As she tried to woo Mr. Pisano she told him I couldn't come along after he told her that I was great at documenting injustice. 

She didn't want me around and hinted that I was less than professional or accurate, then she goes and drops an F-Bomb after I show her a father in need of legal help and compassion. Her website taunts her as compassionate but believe me it is all a stunt, as people are starting to realize. Apparently this is how Massachusetts Court officials operate, corruption and hostility to the free press rule the day. Patently pathetic.

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