29 January 2014

KingCast Says Auditor Dave Yost's Columbus School Corruption Report and Possible Indictments Lead Back to Mary Jo Kilroy, Larry Braverman and Supe Gene Harris.

A "Culture of Deceit," writes Yost. 
We know because we told him so three years ago.

Bob Fitrakis' online story is here.... yesterday's radio show will be linked below.

How to become a chronic complainer: 

Kent, a former Columbus City Schools vice principal, runs the nonprofit advocacy group PASS – Parent Advocates for Students in School. In 2006, Kent filed complaints with Columbus Police against the Columbus City Schools for theft and fraud in NCLB funds. When this did not yield results, Kent provided information to the FBI that launched an investigation into the Columbus School’s tutoring program. 

 Later that year, when Kent attempted to file a complaint against a Columbus Police officer for failing to take a criminal report on alleged abuse and the gang rape of a 13-year-old child in a residential treatment facility, the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) refused to take the complaint. On October 23, 2006, James Whitaker, Kent’s husband, called Lieutenant Murray of the IAB to complain that the police did not follow up on his wife’s complaint against the officer. 

In the course of the recorded conversation, Lt. Murray told Whitaker that, “We’ll be cancelling the complaint, too….We don’t take complaints from Miss Kent, she’s on a chronic complainers list….We got orders from Commander Gray….Miss Kent’s complaints continuously come up to be without merit.” 

 So Kent’s information was good enough for the FBI, but not the Columbus Police.....
These guys were cooking books big time.... to make students meet the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) threshold they would just "D them up" if they had earned an "F," to keep the allmighty dollar rolling in.

This is the Columbus Dispatch story and WBNS 10TV story but as this video shows, B. Kennedy-Kent and James Whitaker, my partners at Justiceforkids.net, Attorney and HuffPo writer Bob Fitrakis and WTVN's Dirk Thomspon were on to this a long time ago. Some of us took this to the Dispatch and Yost years ago and that's a fact as noted on Attorney Fitrakis' radio show today; listen up tomorrow.

Yost referred the matter to the U.S. Attorney's Office as we had been urging all along. Below is a reproduction of a prior cumulative post. Keep in mind that in addition to the corruption at the schools, City Attorney Richard C. Pfeiffer has put Kennedy-Kent and  on a no-call list to ignore their complaints about child abuse and fiscal corruption. The corruption goes way back to issue Jerry Doyle exposed where white people affiliated with the CPS -- Sherry Bird Long and her husband bilked the system out of more than $100K and got no jail time and an easy pay restitution (Ohio ethics link removed) while Jerry got put in jail and thrown in the hole after speaking with Dirk Thompson from prison by a nasty Judge named Bruce Pollitt. This did then lead to his early death from malfeasance in his diabetic care as noted in today's on-air discussion.
Meanwhile of the four administrators fired over the current scandal all were black, but the white architect and head book-cooker -- a white guy named Steve Tankovich -- was transferred and allowed to resign. Business as usual in Columbus.

CH 4 @ 6 PM 
CH 6 @ 5 PM 
CH 10 @ 6 PM
My Comments:

Justiceforkids and KingCast have been partners for years, we're cool with Bob Fitrakis and CPS is fatally corrupt. Harris is now having to face the music but we have pounded on them for years, along the way she received a vote of no confidence, Google: 

Gene Harris + KingCast
Dirk Thompson WTVN + KingCast
Mary Jo Kilroy + KingCast
Jerry Doyle + KingCast

Kilroy was Fitrakis' partner back in the Day before she sold out, I handed her ass to her when I was an AAG. Then when she was CPS Board President I won the bogus criminal trespass case for him when he protested financial malfeasance back in the '90's. My associates and I take Civil Rights and Justice very seriously, and we would rather go through some struggle and strife than to just sit here and take this crap that some government officials give us. If you have nothing positive to contribute to the Cause of Justice we will thank you kindly to get out of our way.

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Christopher King said...

My email to Prosecutor Chief of Staff Bill Hedrick, my erstwhile drinking buddy from Back in the Day when he was in law school with my then-fiancee Megan L. Devoe. Sing with me:

It's a small World after all.....


Re: Link to journal and video about Auditor Dave Yost findings.

6 minutes ago 12:11 PM
Christopher King
Bcc [SNIP]

Bill we have known each other for 20 years when Megan and I were still together and you guys were classmates at Moritz.

At this point in time, brother to brother, I have to say I am thoroughly disgusted.

You know I've never pulled a punch and I am not about to start now. It got me in trouble in Columbus, but guess what it serves me just fine now that I am in the Right Climate. I just don't give a flying f____ what anyone in Columbus thinks about me because my people and I were spot on and the video proves it, going all the way back to Mary Jo Kilroy's malfeasance and Rob Tobias refusing to shake my hand after Jerry's trial.... just so much Bad Faith in Columbus it should be burned to the ground. Right to the MF GROUND.


-Christopher King, J.D.