02 January 2014

Jackass on MBTA Framingham/Worcester Line is Booted and Arrested After Trying to Pay with Half a $10 Bill and Half a Brain.

Whoo Hoo!!! Here comes da movie!!! 
By Sunday night.
Gotta do it soon I'm on vacation. When the work week starts
I have no time for this dumbass LOL.
The look on the lady cop's face says it all:
"Dude are you really that fucking stupid?"
Much more on this tomorrow, with video.
Meanwhile the bloke with the $20 was proactive in trying to save the day 
but in the end the jackass was arrested, and in the process he dropped 
a $20 bill he had in his pocket anyway, which the good samaritan 
tore in half in homage to a jackass.
The visitors from Australia were at once bemused and amused.
Video soon.

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