04 December 2013

KingCast, Mortgage Movies, Financial Revival Group, Jeff Jared, Esq., SAFE and Stafne Law Group Watch as Jane Mair's file goes in to HAMP review at BoA.

As Hilary said..... it takes a village -- that's Jane in my car on Monday coming back from her meeting with Stafne Trumbull, LLC -- in addition to me, we have had three other attorneys review this situation and make phone calls to BoA, in addition to all of the SAFE efforts and it is finally at a point where her loan mod application is in review. This is a screen capture from my video of her on the phone with Stafne lawyers leaving a message with BoA. So the Question then is how many protesters, housing advocates, city councilors, attorneys and videos does it take to get a modicum of Justice for people like Jane Mair? The Answer is.... we don't know yet. 

What we do know is that BoA manager Joseph Brown telephoned me from 805.917.0423 to inform me that he intervened and expedited underwriting review of her file and it is now off for HAMP and non-HAMP options. At the longest he estimated ten (10) days but thought he could push it through sooner as he noted the high visibility of this case. I didn't record him because I don't have to at this point. The wall of opposition has registered and we are all collectively being hear loud and clear. For your back story on how the sale date was finally extended to 17 Jan. 2014 read here and watch the video as I also note the Bad Faith Mediation Declaration that Wells Fargo took on the other property rather than offer up the Loan Mod that they should have. Well they are about to get a shocker when Jane gets new legal counsel to zealously represent her interests. Stay tuned.

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