14 December 2013

Bank of America Seattle Calls 911 on SAFE, KingCast & Mortgage Movies: "You're the Emergency!"

24 December 2013 update -- 
Jane Mair received a Temporary Payment Plan from BoA. Details to follow.

I told the bank manager with all due respect that perhaps the real emergency is the bad faith HAMP negotiations and inability to prove actual standing to foreclose on all of these properties. Meanwhile the branch manager put her hands on me for no lawful reason and did further assaults SAFE in Seattle members who were reading demands upon the bank. Lady, you are not the police so keep your hands to yourself. If I have to tell you again it's going to wind up in Court, and I can have you there in a city minute. Are we clear? 

Meanwhile Jane Mair's negotiations have halted with no word from BoA this week, in direct contravention to what was promised last week. Time will tell, always does. Remember to run a Google search on "Jane Mair + BoA" and you'll see all of the video updates from this fall to present. Here's a video capture of Miss Manners herself.

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