08 November 2013

KingCast/Mortgage Movies See BoA Busted for Bad Faith Dual Track Loan Mod in Customer Phone Call from Seattle's Jane Mair.

Note: On 14 Nov. 2003 Jane Mair received another packet -- this time FEDEX -- from BoA requesting clarification on her most recent submissions. They need verification of employment from regarding her sister and a few other items. She has sent all requested documents for a complete file on several occasions; now with increased media, protests and lawyer involvement with any luck the stall game is over.
As usual, they told her: Stop making payments for 3 months to get a loan mod....
Here is your back story, with Seattle City Councilor Nick Licata laying it on the line with Candidate Kshama Sawant.... who is hanging tough two days post election 
with 48.5%, up from 46%..... watch her Election party here.

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