18 November 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Present BoA Doubleheader with Safeguard Thugs and Jane Mair AWL Modclosure Debacle.

Attorney Jeff Jared, Josh Farris/SAFE, Jane Mair, Paralegal Michelle Darnell 
@ Financial Revival Group's Arlington, WA office. Here is the letter sent to BoA on Attorney Jared's letterhead on 21 Nov. 2013. It appears that BoA may finally be in a position to put Ms. Mair into a Temporary Payment Plan (TPP) for three months as she pays out on her second mortgage and then FINALLY put this to bed after she completes the three month review period. We will be monitoring every step of the way.

A quick update showing the Illinois Attorney General thanking us for exposing BoA's choice of thugs who rape, pillage and plunder property along with an update on BoA playing the phone stall dual track game with Jane Mair. They telephoned me several days ago and said they were going to talk with me about her loan, but alas I haven't heard "boo" from them. 

And that's not for lack of trying. So with SAFE in Seattle, Attorney Jeff Jared, paralegal Michelle Darnell and Financial Revival Group we made calls today. Basically, it appears that we will have to engage in alternative measures. Here is your back story on the Charlie Brown/Lucy dual track.

Here is the Halloween protest video with City Councilors Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant and here is the original Jane Mair protest video with doubleheader. As to America's Wholesale Lender being Ms. Mair's purported original lender, that entity simply did not exist in a capacity to do anything with notes, mortgages or other securitized instruments. So some plucky bloke chartered a legal entity in the same name and then commenced to forgive boatloads of loans. BoA and Countrywide were pissed off because someone had finally outsmarted the banks at their own game.

Sometimes I wish I didn't know everything I do know. Life would be simpler, wouldn't it. But then I couldn't help educate Seattle City Council Candidates.

As to the fact that "America's Home Lender" is Jane Mair's purported originator (who then somehow transferred to MERS.... and with the fraudulent ReconTrust folks also in the mix) that is impossible but the California Federal Court is helping BoA out: BoA/CWide issued a Second Amended Complaint that was served to a lawyer who was no longer involved with AWL, Inc. and took a Default and the Court is allowing it to sweep it all under the rug. I will not allow that; a movie is coming soon with Dennis Bell. My interview with him today: 
"You have 3.5M in loans to a corporation that did not exist. When you enter into it parties cannot be bound or claim a right to a contract. The corp must become lawfully organized and ratify the pre-corporation contract. Until those two things happen there is no legally cognizable right. 
I have 200 lawsuits by BoA NY Melon or Deutschebank filed to foreclose and what they claim in the lawsuit that the loan was made to America's Wholesale Lender, Inc. so that way it all makes sense to invoke jurisdiction of the court then they internally refer to themselves as America's wholesale lender and leave us out of the loop and it's business as usual. They want to say we are infringing on them but really it is just the opposite."

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