21 November 2013

KingCast and Mortgage Movies Observe Washington Foreclosure Attorney Scott Stafne Oral Arguments in Bradburn v ReconTrust Fraudclosure.

Ansel Herz, The Stranger writer and host of our first foreclosure forum 
and our upcoming 27 Feb 2014 second forum offers this account.

The Bradburn post foreclosure Summary Judgment briefs are here. Under Bain, how can you trust ReconTrust to be your Trustee when they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America? How can MERS claim to be an agent of Bank of America with no defined agency relationship? Should companies (to the extent that MERS/MERSCORP et al even are real companies) processing millions or billions worth of transactions have undefined "agency" relationships? 

Anyway, stay tuned for the chilling conclusion to these and other questions addressed two weeks ago. There are a few gaps in the video, particularly toward the end as I had the dreaded Rode SVM Mic jack issue, but within the 45 minutes or so of actual court video you'll definitely get a feel for the substantive issues at hand. As I was setting up the following colloquy ensued:

Court to me: 
"You were a closing attorney?" 
"Do you understand everything that is going on here?" 
"Well Your Honor, NOBODY fully understands what is going on here." 
"Ahhhh that's unfortunate because I was going to ask you to take the bench for me." 

Whereupon both of us had a laugh, but had I not been caught intellectually flat-footed I would have said "Your Honor you can't give that which you don't have."

Perhaps then I could have taken the bench... and I know which way I would be coming out on most of these issues but perhaps that won't be necessary, as Washington is a fairly progressive state on many of these issues. Note in a recent Jane Mair modclosure journal entry involving Bank of America that Washington AG Rob McKenna booted ReconTrust last year.

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