20 November 2013

KingCast Aghast at Scumbag Thieves Looting Seattle's Comet Bar for Momento Dollar Bills.

Read today's story at Justin Carder's Capitol Hill Blog. Is this not the sleaziest thing you ever heard of? Anyway I am so glad I captured the amazing bathroom art last year; the impromptu interview last week with my iPhone was cool too. The demolition guy was apparently inaccurate as to the ultimate ownership, however. Above is an impromptu video with my iPhone; here is a link to KingCast video at the Cal Anderson Park discussion with City Councilor Mike O'Brien on crime with comments from a crime survivor who had part of his ear bitten off, and here is a link to the video from the Cal Anderson Park Police community meeting on crime and homelessness, as reflected in the thumbnail below. PS: Tangentially I present Dinosaur Jr.'s Green Mind full album so that it's easy for me to rock on my iPhone while I head in to work. One of the best rock albums ever :)

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