22 November 2013

Wells Fargo Takes a Bad Faith Mediation Declaration + Jane Mair Fraudclosure Protest Picks up Steam as Bank of America Telephones KingCast/Mortgage Movies During Today's Protest!

After weeks of wrangling and yesterday's phone call with Financial Revival Group's 
Mediation Director Michelle Darnell, BoA lawyers have agreed to move this back 
so that we can have time to have her loan modification given Due Process.
I regret to say that I don't have video or audio from yesterday's call 
as we agreed not to record it just after I started. But it was epic.


Note above, what she sent already.... 
weeks ago pursuant to the letter she received immediately above. 
Then read the letter below. Apparently it is an auto-generated letter.

As Michelle Darnell and I telephone BoA to get proof in writing that they have requested legal to back off of the sale date of 13 December, 2013 BoA sends Jane Mair another form letter asking for information that she has already sent in. Unreal. So below see where BoA acknowledged receipt of the same items they are now seeking. The bullshit never ends with these people, so I think it is time to put Ms. Darnell in touch with Stafne Law Offices as they are diligent and the most experienced in terms of pre and post foreclosure litigation. As regards the top screen capture/photo, were not allowed to record yesterday's call so I had to shut down the Photo Booth but you can see the fax transmittal as sent to BoA. Meanwhile Stafne yesterday filed a U.S. Supreme Court Petition on Robertson v. GMAC, involving the remand of a foreclosure case removed to Federal Court when it is patently clear that State claims predominate. That is because the Federal Court loves to throw things out under Iqbal and Twombly, whereas the State Courts in Washington have been very progressive. It's basically forum shopping 101.

Wells Fargo loves Mortgage Movies Journal!

Also, I wonder what loan numbers and neighborhoods were part of Governor Gregoire's Statement of Charges (whoops these are Wells Fargo -- so much corruption going around I get lost sometimes -- the Countrywide Statement of Charges are here, and this Consent Decree between the State of Washington DFI and Countrywide/America's Wholesale Lender..... you know, it dealt with predatory and fraudulent practices in the minority and lesser-affluent neighborhoods.... like, you know.... where Jane Mair lives.
I wish I could say I actually saw the STOP sign as I took this picture but how apropos is it regardless..... plus the RESERVED designation in front of everyone..... the question is whether the negative space is reserved for Justice or for the global banking and economic tyranny so prevalent in the Post Glass Steagall era..... Hillary claims that it "takes a village" to raise a child; same is true about saving a home. Particularly in light of certain banking and economic initiatives espoused by her husband, ahem just saying.
If you want to see some of the history here just read the journal page from Wednesday or run her name in the search field, top left corner of the page. Here is the BoA rap sheet and please note that her loan "originated" with America's Wholesale Lender, a completely fictitious entity. Then ReconTrust was the Trustee..... they are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of America that was ejected from Washington in a Consent Decree with the AG's office as noted at the link.

There is a lot of video on the subject and there is certain to me more, but hopefully not much more if you catch my drift. I'm sure Seattle City Councilor-Elect Kshama Sawant catches our drift; she sent supporters this evening and has been proactive in several foreclosure cases as documented here and at SAFE in Seattle Facebook page. So basically BoA returned my phone call to say that they have all of the information they need from Ms. Mair and it will be reviewed tomorrow or Monday and submitted for review with Fannie Mae as to setting up the temporary payment plan which then should lead to a permanent loan mod. I still advised her to lawyer up in case things go sour during the review period, which had damn well better be concluded by next Thursday because there are various deadlines running. More on this later.
Meanwhile I interviewed someone who witnessed Wells Fargo actually accept a Bad Faith Declaration in the Mediation at Jane Mair's other house. I wonder if this is the first such Declaration; I'll find out next week. They threatened to sue the mediator.... unbelievable the hubris of some of these corporate attorneys. It always amazed me as a Civil Rights lawyer to deal with some of the nasty ones..... where do they get it from, I wonder. Does it fulfill them in some way? I prefer to get along and work things out but I guess that's the Hippie Lawyer in me.

"The mediator was pissed off at them," she said. Stay tuned for video over the weekend because, well, yeah... that's what I do.

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